The Casting Dock

Wishful thinking, I do declare.

I am obsessed with looking at houses.  There are SO many adorable, old-yet-still-well-maintained houses where I live in Massachusetts, filled with history, character, beautiful crown molding, and authentic hardwood floors.  There is also a lot of “old money” in the area, and with old money comes magnificent mansions with breathtaking coastal views, large spreads of land, and sometimes even horses and whatnot.  And we’re talking like legit Great Gatsby-esque mansions.  The kind with servants’ quarters and a servants’ kitchen with its own secret staircase connecting the two.  It’s insane.  And beautiful.  But mostly insane. In a place like Massachusetts where property and land (and heat!) are ridiculously expensive, I can’t even wrap my mind around how much these mini-castles cost.

Anyway…everytime I walk through a new house up here, which happens quite often, I am constantly checking out all the features that I love, thinking of what I would do differently if it was my home, inspecting the kitchen, the porch space, and the backyard, and ultimately resigning myself to the fact that I will probably never be able to afford something of the sort anyway…(insert sad face a la Arrested Development…and please notice {and fully appreciate} the red dog house and dog in the first clip….{contented sigh}, this show was SO good…):

Just kidding.  Not about the affordability part, that’s true, but I’m not really all that sad about it.  A girl can dream.  Speaking of dreams, you know what I reallllly reallllly want in my own place sometime down the line? I mean, really, really badly…and this is something that I think is feasible…a wall library complete with a library ladder.  The library ladder is essential.  The books are cool, and needed too, but mostly I want the ladder.  I LOVE the look of library ladders, and the functionality. I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune in a few (more like 8…) years when we have a 2 year old who is tempted to climb up the ladder, pull all the books off the shelves, and then slip off herself. But you gotta make sacrifices for the aesthetic, right??

Here are some of my favorites:

I love the look of this one, but I know the functionality isn’t ideal. I don’t want to be climbing up the ladder to get down dishes everyday…but it sure is perrrdy…

In other news, tune in for another guest blogger tomorrow!! One of Jerry’s and my closest friends from college, as well as Jerry’s old apartmentmate, and a sure shoo-in for a groomsman slot in our wedding if I wasn’t so intent on having my brothers in the bridal party–ladies and gentlemen, get excited for the linguistical stylings of Mr. Keith Kaiser Rasmussen (he’s german). He’s hilarious and adorable (cuz that matters when you’re blogging…)–you’ll love him.

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1 k&c's mom { 11.11.10 at 5:10 pm }

Library ladders were also a long-term dream of mine that I have abandoned to downsizing. (Have no fear: new dreams replace old ones.) So, a daughter in a few years? :) (PS: I have a friend who wanted the library ladder look, too. She found an antique 15 foot oak ladder, had it cut to fit and leaned it against her fireside bookcase. It worked on many levels!)

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