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why i’m gonna be an awesome mom: part 1.

Even though it’s still a long ways off, I do think (oftentimes too judgmentally as I shared in my last post…) about parenting quite often. I’m curious to see my general style as a parent, mostly because my natural personality is pretty laid back, but I know I have strong opinions about a lot of aspects of raising dem munchkins. I think I’m gonna be strict. Do your homework plus some, do your chores, mind your manners, yada, yada, yada.

BUT, I also think I’ll be awesome when it comes to fun kid stuff. Maybe the sense of responsibility will really kick into “worry Mom mode” once I have a little living, breathing mini-person relying on me to stay alive, but…I doubt it. I’m just not much of a worrier AND I remember how much fun it was to explore and be adventurous as a kid. So I’m planning on being that awesome mom with the sweet nurture-that-sense-of-awe-and-exploration house. You know–that house where all the neighborhood kids want to go…

Check out the indoor essentials:

First off, you gotta have a sweet room. Nothing over the top, but I think either a loft bed or a bed built into the wall would be pretty nifty. I’m not all about the separate play room idea, so you gotta have some room for the imagination to run wild and loft beds especially allow for that. Plus, kids love climbing and anything resembling a fort. And a swing, indoors? Yes, please!

A slide and a firepole as stairs? Show me a kid who wouldn’t LOOOOOVE that! And double spiral (wooden!) staircases from the first floor to the third floor loft might be my dream, but kids would dig it too, I’m sure, right? Plus, these rooms are all super fun and kid friendly while also being classy and sophisticated. No style sacrifice required–bonus!

Is there anyone out there who didn’t wish for and fantasize about secret passages and secret rooms as a kid? Honestly, anyone? How unbelievably awesome would it be to have a secret lever to a fireplace or a spinning bookcase that revealed a whole secret space–a tunnel, a mysterious staircase, a hidden room? Think about what that would do for a kid’s imagination. I would have gone wild as a kid. wiiiiiiiild, I say.

So those are the essential indoor features. Outdoor necessities are coming tomorrow. And don’t you dare rain on my parade with any mention of the cashola needed to make any of this happen. Money is not a factor in my I’m an awesome mom dream. And I’m really enjoying my dream. So naysayers, be gone!


1 Jer { 02.21.11 at 11:59 am }

1) Secret passages are awesome, but infinitely more so when they are concealed by shelves of books. Why? Symbolism. Because at some early age our children will come to realize that books are the truest and most fantastic secret passages around. They’ll see that entire worlds were “hidden” right under their noses the entire time, but they kept passing right by them for the more alluring option. That, my friend, is a life lesson waiting to happen.

2) Noche, tell everyone about “The Egypt Room.” Don’t pretend you didn’t have secret rooms and societies growing up, Lis…

3) Spiral staircases are cool in theory, but I want to use all kinds of profanity when thinking about moving furniture up and down them…

2 noche { 02.21.11 at 3:52 pm }

The Egypt Room….such memories. And then there are the multitude of forts built… where you ask….the dining room (open to the entry), of course, where else!!! Then there is the rope burn forever etched in the upstairs railing….younger sibling(aka Lisa) willingly being dropped down over the railing in a rope harness onto a tile floor…why…why not!! Memories….

See the deal is that kids don’t look at house spaces the way adults do. They see household items as the things they need to accomplish their goal (ie. chairs to hold up blankets & sheets to make forts) and go from there. Sometimes the least adult input makes for the most inspiring kid’s creation.

The key: flexibility, humor and to not hold your adult possessions to close to you. After all, they are only possessions so when they can be used to foster a child’s imagination they have more than exceeded their worth. It is all about the experiences.

Thanks Jer for the walk down happy memory lane. I can’t wait to be part of my grand children’s adventures.

3 noche { 02.21.11 at 3:54 pm }

Just for the record…with or without a spiral staircase you will be an awesome Mom Lisa!

4 jenna { 02.21.11 at 6:37 pm }

i had a friend growing up whose house i would frequent for various playdates. the first time i was over there, her mom kept saying, “show jenna the lilliput. show jenna the lilliput. she’ll love it. why don’t you go play in the lilliput?” having never read Gulliver’s Travels (and I still haven’t. actually, until just a minute ago, i didn’t realize that the name “lilliput” was inspired by the little people in the book) I had no idea what she was talking about. but sure enough – my friend took me to this miniature door which unlocked a miniature room with fairies painted all over the walls. she kept all of her barbies and best imagination-type toys there. it was a magical place that i realize now was probably just a random crawl space being brilliantly utilized. but to an elementary schooler: magical. i went home and asked my mom why we didnt have a lilliput. she had no idea what the heck i was talking about. but i think that made it even more magical.

5 k&c's mom { 02.21.11 at 8:28 pm }

I must confess I have saved a file of “Grandchildren’s Rooms”. My favorite is a room at grandma’s house turned into a lending library. (Being an elementary teacher, I have TONS of books.) Too bad Wisconsin is soooooooooo far from Central texas. Not that there are any grandkids in Wisconsin…yet. One can hope.

6 tinlizzie { 03.08.11 at 3:54 pm }

So…all I can say is that I have discovered a few more reasons why we are friends, and they ABSOLUTELY DELIGHT ME!!
1. you love treehouses and ziplines. I love these woodland treasures…oh my, can we go build one this summer?
2. you love mango slices and apparently all sorts of berries too-I sense a bear like berry picking day coming on this summer too
3. you also have a love for seret passages and nooks (and seems like Jer does as well) I’ve always dreamed of designing my own house and having a hidden nook only accessible by ladder and fire pole…

Lisa…we are dreaming in the same language…

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