The Casting Dock

“Well, hey there buddy…let’s do this.”

I took a camera break for the weekend.

As much as I love documenting any and everything, sometimes I just want to slap the oh-wait,-let-me-grab-my-camera voice inside my head. So I did. This weekend. Slapped. Silent. So no pictures to share, but we had a lovely, relaxing extended weekend with Jerry’s fam in GA, you know…celebrating a late Christmas, checking out the Coke Museum, hanging with some of JLo’s high school buds, admiring his many shiny wall accomplishments (so shiny, so impressive…), watching our favorite football teams implode, etc. etc.

So normally, I am really not a watch-this-video type person. I know that people don’t watch them. If we’re being honest, I don’t watch them. It just feels like such a commitment, I know. How long is it? How long will it take to load? Is it really a necessary part of the post? Believe me, I get it. I am a chief culprit of scrolling riiiiight past…that is, assuming I am still even interested enough in the post itself to finish reading. Otherwise, I just see the video–ehhhhhhhh–and click on to my next blog-o’-choice.

But nevertheless, I wanted to share this tiiiiiiiiiny, low-commitment, 33-second video with you. It’s my favorite commercial these days. And I use the term favorite…well, you’ll see…

If you behaved yourself and actually watched the video, you’re probably questioning my taste in commercials. Lisa, of all the creative and hilarious ads on television these days, did you really just call this commercial your favorite? I sure did. It gets me every time. Why? First, the obvious: only Nic Cage could’ve delivered the climactic line (“Let’s do this”) with the same apathetic, I’m-so-intense-that-I’m-not-intense attitude. Our leading lady has the cold, steely resolve of a flatlined hospital patient, and keep in mind the fact that she is shilling an ENERGY product. But we really hit rock bottom (and my laughter hits its peak) when she launches into the VIGOROUS workout she had trouble waking up for; if there is a pace that is slower than walking (without connoting an injury, e.g. hobbling or limping or crawling etc.), she’s moving at it. She is literally walking at the same speed that she did when she staggered through the kitchen looking for her bottled energy. After her performance, I’d only buy the argument that 5-Hour Energy works if you told me they filmed her workout 6 hours later.

Who gets paid to come up with these things?!!!???!!?


1 Rhonda { 01.18.11 at 2:27 pm }

It is a pathetic commercial from the beginning. Sorry Lisa. Why do they pick someone already in shape to represent the world of Americans that actually do need to get in better shape. If I could have her body without working out…I’d so trade. Everything you wrote about I agree with (except the part about it being a favorite commercial…can’t quite jump on that bandwagon!) As far as watching video’s passed to me..I must confess…I usually do watch them. I am always up for a good laugh or an inspirational message. Only on occasion have I actually just scrolled on down ignoring the intent of the email or posting. Maybe I am just nosy and want to see what all the fuss is about!

2 Lisa { 01.18.11 at 10:26 pm }

SO glad SOMEONE takes the time to maintain the integrity of the post by viewing all attached media. You are a better person than I am…though we’ve known that for quite some time. ;)

And yeah, I had the same thought: yes, we should all be exercising, but are you really choosing that thin, seemingly in-shape girl as your poster child for “someone who NEEDS to work out”? Questionable.

3 Jer { 01.19.11 at 9:55 pm }

Well said, Lis. This commercial is so terrible that it’s positively delightful. It’s kind of like one of those local car dealership commercials that you hate until it slowly wears you down into enjoyment. Actually, no, it’s not like those at all: those are so terrible they’re actually still terrible.

4 Maggy { 01.22.11 at 2:50 pm }

Note: 3 days in to owning a blog and I NEEDED confirmation that the “life through a blog” lens wasn’t only in my head. I did take my camera everywhere w/ me yesterday, but there is a grace period for sure?

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