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the tastes of spring

You know the good weather’s on its way when fruit (of the not-going-to-mold-in-two-days variety) is actually affordable. Makes my morning so much brighter to see strawberries bobbing about in my almond milk and blackberries (albeit blurry ones…) resting atop my greek yogurt and honey. Bring on that sunshine, baby!


1 Jer { 03.17.11 at 9:57 am }

It’s 50+ and sunny today. And what am I going to do? Spend the whole day inside watching the Madness of March begin.

Don’t worry folks–I’ll keep a window open. It’s still nice to hear the birds chirping and have the slightly-still-too-chilly breeze hit me every now and then.

2 Kathleen { 03.17.11 at 1:04 pm }

And 50 degrees feels so warm in Boston, while here in Southern Cal it feels quite chilly at 50. What’s up with that? Any chance you’ll be giving UCLA a cheer over Michigan State tonight? Hoping our Bruins can do something amazing. Enjoy your “warm” weather and may more be on it’s way.

3 Maggy { 03.17.11 at 4:58 pm }

I may or may not have 4 packages of strawberries and 4 of blueberries in our fridge. I was SO thrilled and they were on sale…don’t have to tell me twice.

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