The Casting Dock

The Olympics 2012

The Olympics.
The Maine Olympics, that is.
A competitive weekend of sports and various games.
Two teams, twelve events, unbridled intensity.
An interesting experiment.
Lessons were definitely learned if I ever intend to organize something similar in the future.

But a weekend full of games and sports…
with some of my favorite people…
in one of my favorite places?
It would be hard for me to not love that…
even if there would certainly be some things I would tweak.

Pilot years are good for that though, no?
Learn what worked, learn from what didn’t.
For me, there is nothing better than running around playing sports with competent, competitive people on pretty equally matched teams.

There is little in life that I enjoy more completely.

A fabulous way to spend Labor Day weekend
in the great state of Maine.

Truly the way life should be.


1 Keith { 09.15.12 at 10:01 pm }

It was/is the way life should…except for the fact that my team lost…

2 Liz { 10.18.12 at 11:57 pm }

the weekend was delightful, in every way… even losing in kubb AND mini golf were somehow enjoyable. except it all worked out, because we won in the end… sorry keith. lisa… thank you for thinking of all the details. it was perfect.

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