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the month of Logan men

I am one of the lucky ones.
I had the good fortune of marrying into a wonderfully easy family.
I know that’s not the case for many.

Being grafted into another family is a really weird part of marriage, I think. For some reason, its oddness was surprising to me. Aside from split holidays, I didn’t really give it a ton of thought pre-marriage.
But it is strange.
You are used to the quirks of your own family–how you communicate, how you deal with conflict, your particular traditions, etc. And then you start to see behind the veil of another family’s most intimate dealings.
I find it weird in principle.
In practice for me thus far it’s been easy and actually not weird. I think that’s partly because, since being married, Jerry and I have not lived within three states of either of our families. And partly because the Logans function shockingly normally. So normal, in fact, that they are actually abnormal.
Show me the dysfunction, I say!

But in most cases, I think it’s weird.

So anyway, my point being, I am one of the lucky ones. Great, very easy, non-intrusive, laid back, understanding in-laws with oddly normal family dynamics.

This month we saw the bro-in-law and pa-in-law.

Jordan came up for a wedding and extended his stay, leaving his 6 foot 2 lanky self scrunched up on our tiny couch for over a week. Poor fella. Having gone to college up here and being the most social introvert I have ever seen (only rivaled by this girl), he had lots of friends to visit, but squeezed in some time for me and Jerome as well. We took him up to Ocean Lawn, a beautiful, under-utilized stretch of land overlooking the ocean on a perfect fall day. He loved it so much that he insisted we take his dad to soak up its glory the following week.

We gladly obliged.
Ocean Lawn is truly one of the dozens of places that make New England, Massachusetts, and specifically the north shore magical to me. I just love it here.

I am a soul well fed by these surroundings.


1 whitney { 10.29.12 at 10:56 am }

When did Jordan get to be 6’2″??

2 Mama Logan { 10.30.12 at 7:32 am }

As always – beautiful pictures, Lisa! Thank you for taking care of all of my men this month. Looking forward to seeing you in a different part of the country in just a couple weeks. Now that will be a trip worth writing about!

3 Lisa { 10.31.12 at 5:57 am }

Oh, believe me Whit, I know. Little Jordan is all grown up. It’s weird.

My pleasure, Mama Logan! Looking forward to the trip big time!!! That Logan side of the family always keeps things interesting… :)

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