The Casting Dock

The inevitable.

Today was my third day at the high school for the new job.

And already I was mistaken for a student.

I mean, I know I look young (I am young after all) but teenager young?? I suppose I should be happy; once I hit the big 3-0 mark I will probably be looking back longingly on this day. I hear it’s basically all down hill from there. But I’m trying to establish professional credibility here and being told to “take off my hat” by the morning hall-scouring teacher isn’t helping. And for those who are immediately questioning my choice of wearing a hat in the building, it should be noted that I was on my way outside, where we go for gym. Every day. Throughout winter. In Massachusetts. Aren’t you jealous?

Let’s review:

Lisa in high school:

Lisa now(ish):

Alright, fine I give in. Aside from the curly hair and eye liner, there’s not much difference. And for the record, I was TOTALLY kidding about the peaking at 30 comment. I just wanted to ruffle some feathers. I certainly don’t think it’s all down hill from there…my brother, on the other hand, disagrees…

In other news, I am OBSESSED with these things. I eat them like candy. They practically are candy. Got the bag yesterday; it will be gone within the next 15 seconds.


1 Nicole Puz { 12.08.10 at 3:01 pm }

Love the senior pic!! What high school are you at and what are you doing?! I must have missed that blog or something.

2 bryan { 12.08.10 at 4:31 pm }

Anybody!!!! Help!!!!

I’ve been through under a bus!

3 Jer { 12.08.10 at 5:52 pm }

Well folks, the bag was NOT gone in 15 seconds. The crumbs were still around when I got back home. They’re not anymore, though…MUHUHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA

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