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the HOLY COW guy.

Back when Jerry and I were very first dating, maybe even a little before we were technically dating, but were spending a lot of time together, this video was circulating. I don’t feel like videos in early 2006 went viral quite as quickly or expansively as they do now, but maybe that’s also just because I personally wasn’t that into the online video scene.

Anyhow, we were reminiscing about it last night and decided to look it up for both humor and nostalgia’s sake. It provides a great, quick laugh…especially if you had a youth pastor like mine who would turn as red, sweat as profusely, and shout out “hollllly cow” with as much exasperation as this guy.  It’s well worth the minute, just for his facial expression after slip alone.

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1 Jer { 12.12.10 at 3:39 pm }

Lot is still rolling over in his grave after this gaffe…

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