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The day has finally come…(warning: music)

Today is a big day, my friends. One that I have been looking forward to for a seriously long time. As if the music and picture weren’t enough of a give away, today is opening day for Harry Potter 7, part 1. Now I wasn’t an instant hop-on to the HP train.  I was actually one of those people who was kind of annoyed that a children’s book series about a magic wizarding world was gaining so much acclaim and media attention.  So I avoided it, completely.  I wasn’t much into fiction books at the time, and I certainly didn’t want to jump on the train once it had been steaming along for so long (which is an interesting phenomenon I’ve noticed…if you like something from the very beginning that becomes wildly popular, then you feel a little superior because you recognized its value before it was the cool thing to like, BUT if you miss that window then you just get annoyed that it’s so popular and it becomes a turn-off to you jumping on board at all). So anyway, I definitely missed the window and was intent on holding out on Harry. So I steered clear of the books and only went to one movie when draaaaaaagged with some friends over Christmas break.

Fast forward a few years. After Jerry and I got married, we made a deal that for each year of our marriage we would choose a book for the other person to read. Which book did he choose first? Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Uuuuuggh. He had just read the series the year before and was roped in with the rest of them.  He knew that capitalizing on this agreement was the only way to convince me to dive into this fictional world. Well played. As you can probably imagine, I got seven for the price of one.  I, like many other people, wasn’t completely sold on book one.  I thought it was entertaining, but more than loving Harry Potter, I realized that it was actually nice to read some light fiction before bed, as opposed to the heavier, thinking-required non-fiction that I typically read. So I grabbed book two, then three, then four.  I was moving at a decent pace, but wasn’t blowing through them by any means. But in the middle of book four, I like to say that the series “tipped” because from that point on, I devoured them. I caught the Potter bug, big time. 

I just love the way JK develops her characters, I love her creativity, and I love the way that she wraps everything up along the way; no strings left hanging. But more than anything, I love the redemptive quality of the story, the main theme of the power of love.  I admit that some of the material is a little dark and intense for young children (in the later books), but I would wholeheartedly challenge anyone who is against the series for spiritual reasons because it is about witches and wizards.  There are SO many redemptive themes along the way about loyalty, sacrifice, friendship, and ultimately, love. If you were like me, staunchly opposed on the principle of excessive popularity, I suggest you reconsider. It’s a world that will wrap you up in the best possible way.

We’re going to the IMAX showing tonight. I’m giddy with delight. And will probably be playing this song all day. Here’s the trailer…

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1 Rhonda { 11.22.10 at 11:02 pm }

Lots of people have loved this series. I am probably one of the rare few who will never partake of this popular series. You know what….I am okay with that!

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