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Thanksgiving thankfulness.

Some highlights of Thanksgiving weekend for which I am quite thankful:

(Confession: I didn’t pull out the handy dandy camera much so I don’t have a ton of corresponding pictures…)

Spending time in Maine.  I love this state.  I know I have ranted about it before, so I will spare you my love-inspired loquaciousness this time around…but I’m pretty sure this sign sums up the sweetness of maine and her peeps. As I generally say, only in Maine…

A husband who not only prepares the pumpkin pie (along with various other elements of the big meal), but then obliges me when I bombard him with the camera in his face while he’s trying to eat said pie (pictures omitted out of courtesy to him…), aaaaand then spearheads the clean-up-the-kitchen-after-the-pre-meal-explosion effort. He’s the best.

Games, games, games. I am a gamer. (Most of) My in-laws are gamers too. This bodes well for me.  We played a little bit of everything.  I mostly lost, but I did dominate in one game of Imaginiff. It felt good. I like winning.

GOOD FOOD.  Not too much to say here.  It’s Thanksgiving–there better be turkey and stuffing and an abundance of gravy. There was.  Mmmm.

Football victories.  It was a good football extended weekend, mostly because Ohio State demolished Michigan in their big rival game.  Even though I am a Texas football fan and let’s just say Texas and OSU fans don’t tend to play nicely together on the playground, I have learned that it’s just better for me and my marriage when OSU wins, so I secretly root for them, unless they’re playing Texas of course…Jerry always wears his Tressel sweater vest shirt for big games…not every game…in fact, most OSU games only deserve a regular OSU t-shirt, but for big games, he pulls out the big guns…

I am so thankful for the time away with family, both with my family (my mom, aunt, and uncle) and with my in-laws (though we missed getting to see Nana and Papa!).  I am also so thankful for crisp, though sunny late fall weather which is perfect for brisk walks and times of reflection.

I hope your Thanksgivings were full of good food and quality time with those you love!


1 Rhonda { 11.29.10 at 8:35 pm }

Glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was different in that I was unable to do any of the work for it due to my foot healing from surgery. One would think I would love the pampering and the opportunity to be “legally lazy”, but it was hard not having my grimy hands in the mix of meal prep. Having said that…we had a wonderful time. How can you go wrong with good food, football, games and the cutest grandson in the world??

2 bryan { 11.29.10 at 10:06 pm }

You look cute in the bottom picture…

3 Lisa { 11.29.10 at 11:05 pm }

you are somethin’, Bry…good decision to delete the other comments…

4 noche { 12.01.10 at 5:13 am }

Glad to hear of the good time had by all….loved the was one of the first pictures I took in Maine. They really do sell lobsters there in the summer. Jerry is a gem for posing for your crazy pictures.

5 Jer { 12.01.10 at 1:36 pm }

Yeah, Jer’s a gem.

And, if you give him tinted glasses, gray hair dye, and a $2 million dollar raise, he’d be Jim Tressel 2.0.

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