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Thanksgiving in December

So yeah, I’m pretty terrible at actually keeping up with these things. Here’s a few snapshots from my time in Maine over Thanksgiving with Jerry, my mom, and my two older brothers. As a collective group they don’t looooove the camera, so I obliged and didn’t whip her out too often. We had a (surprisingly) lovely weekend (just kidding, mom. I knew it’d be a blast…).

We came to the following conclusions over our time together…and I use the term we loosely: Bryan and I are the smartest (humble Trivial Pursuit victors that we are…); Adam is the best cook (the snobby thing comes in handy for picking nothing but the primo ingredients and being a control freak in the kitchen); I would beat Bryan in a hand to hand fight to the death…you know, in case it ever came to that…(there has been literally years of debate on this one that was put to rest that weekend…); two batches of baked shrimp, while delicious, may be too much for my not-so-seafood-loving self (I begged my mom to make it again the day after Thanksgiving and then begged Jerry to eat is all when I got shrimped out…he’s a human garbage disposal…it’s an underappreciated trait); my mom is a precious little thing with a heart of gold and a motor that runs far longer than my own; Jerry is a saint for putting up with the crazy lot of us. Seriously. It’s a freak show at times. Bounce…da na na na na na na na…



1 Bryan { 12.12.11 at 1:26 am }

I want to dispute certain of the conclusions of your post but am happy enough just to have a post so why bicker, yes?. That was a pretty nice thanksgiving, and those pictures seem nice to me. One of the reasons I am not photogenic is ….you. You’re the reason I’m not photogenic. Its your fault lash

2 Mama Logan { 12.12.11 at 7:01 am }

Beautiful pictures! Glad you could ALL be together for Thanksgiving! Now come Christmas, you can be the saint for putting up with the lot of us!! Can’t wait!

3 Kasie { 12.12.11 at 1:47 pm }

Perfect description of Adam in the kitchen – we’ve seen it many times. Many food-related diagnostic terms have been coined as a result… “menu anxiety” and “order envy” top the list.

4 noche { 12.12.11 at 9:57 pm }

I agree with Bryan….I’m not photogenic because of you!!! Maybe it was the camera…if I remember correctly your camera was giving you problems so we were limited in the number of photos taken…thus the slim pickins. Regardless, a good time was had by all. Freak show??

5 Craig W { 12.15.11 at 4:09 pm }

Guys, guys, guys. Very few photos are about being magazine-cover-ready. They are about capturing moments so can relive them later. These are wonderful photos and you should let her take more. (L, your remuneration won’t be due for another ten days.) Disclaimer: I’m the guy that likes to look at story-telling photos of people I don’t know experiencing things I didn’t experience.

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