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Texas: a breath of warm air in February

Jerry and I just got back from a week spent in Texas visiting my family for February vacation.

It was one of my best trips home in recent memory.

I have had this weird thing about going home ever since I left for college. I’m really not sure why I have this pseudo-aversion to the idea of Texas in large doses. Generally at the end of my week-long visitation, I am more than ready to go and more than happy to call Massachusetts, and not Texas, home.

I don’t really get it. I had a really idyllic high school experience–lovely, no-drama best friends; successful (relatively speaking) sporting and academic experience; wonderful boyfriend whom I adored; very low conflict, easy relationship with my mom; supportive and encouraging church community–and I love the warm weather and friendly, laid back culture.

But regardless, for whatever reason, I was always ready and willing to go.

This week was the first time I can ever remember going to Austin and thinking,
I could live here. I wish we could live here.


It seriously weirded me out.

But anyway, since my camera is off in the shop getting pieced back together again, I had little to work with. Regardless, here are a few shots from the week, meager as they may be.

Meet Noah. My friend Ashley’s little guy.

Little Noah with his bright red/orange hair, pleasant temperament, and good eating habits (the kid seriously eats everything) was my little envy baby. Getting closer to really craving one of my own…

Driving over the Lake Austin bridge on a beautiful 70 degree day. This drive through the rolling hills on the way to my dad’s house is a very nostalgic one for me.

Salt Lick barbeque with some old high school friends. One of Jerry’s two food requests while in town.

Speaking of old friends from high school…I got to see lots of them, especially considering I only graduated in a class of 17! I was exceptionally fortunate to have such quality friends for so many formative years. As I spend more and more time in schools (and the world in general) I realize how tricky (and catty!) girl friendships can be. Somehow I escaped all of that and had really easy, natural, gossip-free friendships even through middle and high school. Complete blessing!

Surprise hit of the trip! Mexican mineral water that’s taking Texas by storm. And inevitably bringing along with it a host of the-one-thing-you’re-told-in-Mexico-is-to-not-drink-the-water-and-now-you’re-paying-to-have-them-bottle-it-up-and-ship-it-to-you jokes. Literally heard this joke from five separate people, all thinking themselves quite clever…and I must say, I found it amusing each time.

Tyler and Dani. OH.MY. I adore these two. Tyler is one of my very favorite people and a good friend from high school. I just have such a soft spot for him.

And Dani is Lauren’s (one of my college roommates) sister. She is just adorable–laid back, easy to get along with, lots of fun. Her family now lives in California, Lauren and I met in Massachusetts, and she and Tyler started dating in Texas. Such a fun connection. SO glad we got to see them.

A week of warm weather and time spent with family and friends was exactly what Jerry and I both needed to recharge for this final push through (our mild) winter!


1 Mama Logan { 02.27.12 at 7:37 am }

Thanks for sharing the pictures from your week in Texas. Just missing one of the Round Rock Doughnuts! I really do hope to get there one day. Noah is ADORABLE and there is no denying that Dani and Lauren are sisters! So glad you had a wonderful, “I-could-live-here” time. So sorry that it’s back to reality today! Hope you have a good first day back at work.

2 Bryan { 03.02.12 at 8:23 pm }

I actually look good in some of these photos. Wow. Finally.

3 Bryan { 03.02.12 at 8:24 pm }

As it turns out those are bottles of Mexican water.

I am not included in any of the pictures. (retract previous comment.)

4 mandy { 03.05.12 at 9:00 am }

I got jealous when I saw the picture of you and Noah bear. I wanted to be you at that moment. I just miss that little nut so much. Isn’t it weird that your friends/my sister have families? It’s still weird to me sometimes.
Looks like your trip was so much fun! I’m glad you got to experience that sunshine. I myself am two shades darker than a ghost. I just never knew how white my skin actually could get.

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