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starting off with a wedding…

One of my college roommates got married back in June.

(What better way to re-enter the blogging world than with a little photo recap?)

Technically, she was one of my “apartment-mates” since we never actually shared a room, but I’m liberal with the roommate title. Makes it easier that way, I think. You know, to basically say, “This is a person who I deeply care for and have an abundance of shared experiences with and basically just think the world of” all by simply saying, “My college roommate…”

Anyway, she got married in beautiful, sunny southern California and I just HAD to have a little photo documentation on the blogfront. I was able to attend with my two ACTUAL college roommates for a delightful whirlwind of a girls weekend (Jer was at another wedding in NC…the motto was “divide and conquer”).

Congrats Lauren & Eric!


1 k&c's mom { 07.16.11 at 2:25 pm }

Just telling Noche yesterday that I missed your blog (and agreeing with a comment on the last post that maybe Brian should take over in your absence :) ….and here you are! How nice to be in a place that has green grass and flowers and not a daily count of how many days of 100+ heat. Have a great time.

2 bryan { 07.18.11 at 7:00 pm }

That looks like a nice wedding…

you’re really getting good with the photos or maybe it’s the camera… if i get married, will you be the photographer? it’d be a real treat if you took the photos for me. Also, i want to change my last name to Logan. it’s really growing on me. though if i do, people who meet you through me in the future will assume that either Jerry is my brother or that he took his wife’s last name… those would be inaccuracies. You know how I hate inaccuracy. Drats! Perfectly good idea ruined!

*Why is drats underlined in red. Drats? Is that not a word, like a comic bubble world at least?

3 bryan { 07.18.11 at 7:14 pm }

So when are you posting next?

I have a list of ideas if you need some…

1. Doesn’t Jerry Seinfeld look old?
2. Google+, what’s your stance?
3. Can you believe people?
4. Kate is looking so skinny lately, what’s the deal there?
5. What will you leave me if you die?
6. Who is the living former president most likely to have a first degree relative who spent extended time in an addiction rehab center?
7. How often should one update their FB status?
8. America’s debt ceiling: open discussion
9. If Prozac selectively inhibits serotonin, does beer selectively activate GABA?
10. What would you rather have, Parkinson’s or Hepatitis C? Why?
11. Can we just stop staying it’s not right to judge a book by a cover!
12. Why does Michigan pay $.10 for an empty aluminum can when every other state pays $.05. What are they, stupid?
13. OJ… I think he did it, you?
14. Han Solo vs. Captain Kirk, cage match. Who ya got?
15. Wearing white after labor day, right or wrong?
16. Can you believe some of the sh!t people do?
17. They say there are four discernable tastes — bitter, salty, sweet, umami. Describe umami.
18. NY vs San Fran?
19. Is it legal to have an airline only for solely beautiful women and also… single dudes?
20. If you have a baby boy what names do you like? I like LaVoy and Butch.

So, anyway, those are the first 20 I imported from my spreadsheet.

I can send ou the other 240 if ya want.

4 Noche { 07.18.11 at 7:29 pm }

Congratulations to Eric & Lauren. Glad to see you are returning to your blog Lisa…. great pictures. I love the brilliant flowers…so different from being happy that one’s grass is still alive…forget the flowers…they’ve given up. I must comment- where does your brother come up with these ideas? I find myself answering them… and yes, Jerry is getting old, but not my most fav son-in-law !

5 Noche { 07.18.11 at 7:31 pm }

Lisa, I just noticed your hair was up….did you do it yourself….it looks lovely! What a pretty foursome you girls make. You could do a T.V. show together!!!

6 Mama Logan { 07.20.11 at 8:36 am }

Regarding the wedding Jerry attended in North Carolina – could you post the ONE picture taken from that trip? I’m sure it will be admired by all!

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