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Snow Day!

I may not be a child anymore, but these two little words elicit the same voluminous amount of joy that they once held when I was just a wee little tot: SNOW DAY.

As I am sure you know, and the majority of you who read this blog are experiencing, we here in the northeast are in the throes of a majestic blizzard: copious amounts of thick, heavy, wet snow are currently cascading down on us with the promise (or threat, depending on how you perceive it) of about 12 more inches. I’m lovin it. I’m cuddled up with my blanket and cup of coffee watching the snow billow past my window. Looking forward to a snowed-in day with my husband doing some reading, catching up on emails, maybe trekking out in my snow gear to experience nature’s torrents, doing some shoveling (which I strangely enjoy), cooking, lounging, the whole snow-day-shebang. Too bad we don’t have a fireplace…that would really seal this glorious deal.

To those in the northeast, I hope you too are able to enjoy a cozy day off and to those elsewhere–do you envy us or pity us for absorbing this snow beating today?


1 Jer { 01.12.11 at 8:58 am }

I’m not “those elsewhere,” but I’d like to answer your question. Snow sucks.

2 Krystin { 01.12.11 at 9:18 am }

Snow is awesome! That is until Nebraska brings these bitter cold winds with it to AND then you have to take the dog out because that was the deal of getting the dog. Enjoy snuggling and being warm.

3 Carol { 01.12.11 at 9:21 am }

I love snow so am a bit jealous! That may be because I’ve never really experienced much of it, but I think it is beautiful! We got to enjoy our form of a snow day last year and I would’t mind another one this year!!! But they are usually few and far between so I’m not counting on it! =)

4 Mama Logan { 01.12.11 at 12:09 pm }

We are on “Snow Day #3″ (really “Ice Day #3″) and I must admit, while I have enjoyed NOT setting an alarm, I really am ready to get back to work. I know what is waiting for me there and just want to get it over with!!

5 bryan { 01.12.11 at 2:45 pm }

I envy you. Looks like that great scene in Star Trek: Generations where Picard is reunited with his family inside the Nexus but realizes, with Guinan’s help, that he’s inside an alternate reality existing outside the space/time continuum and therefore not bound to temporal laws and conditions. This, of course, forces Picard to make a decision as to whether or not to return to normal space/time and, naturally, at what point in the continuum he should make this re-entry considering that his goal of stopping Soran from launching the rocket that destroys the Veridian star will be difficult for him to accomplish on his own. This leads to the film’s great decision, one of the most critical in all of the Trek canon, wherein Picard decides he needs Capt. Kirk’s help. They meet and join forces to attempt to save the Veridian system from certain destruction at the hands of the madman Dr Soran.

I doubt I need to go on. The parallels are pretty clear.

6 Rhonda { 01.12.11 at 7:41 pm }

I love snow from a distance or for a one day entertainment. Don’t think I would enjoy living where it snows all the time. As I have gotten older, I find the cold bothers me more and more. It is beautiful though and your description of your day is certainly one to be envied!

7 noche { 01.12.11 at 9:30 pm }

I envy you…..but would envy you more if you had a scone to go with your coffee.
Shoveling is exhilarating and can even be fun if: 1. getting to work on time is not involved 2. there is a definite time limit on it 3. there is a carrot to look forward to upon completion. And of course there is the added benefit of those zillions of calories being burned.

8 k&c's mom { 01.12.11 at 11:11 pm }

Sigh. I wonder if envy is a strong enough word. I’m flat out jealous of your snow. I remember the first year I taught with your Mom it snowed one morning at the Academy. She and I manned the playground because the other teachers thought it was too cold. We said we’d stay with all the students until we were too cold to stay out anymore. That was one of my favorite memories at the Academy! That was 15 years ago. It’s probably snowed 2 1/2 times since then…as a teacher, I could use a little a few more snow days. :)

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