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Questions Posed to the People.

So I realize now that if I want to keep up with my weekday blog posting (which obviously I do), I’m going to need to get ahead of the game and prepare in advance. Never really my forte. But girlfriend’s gotta job now. Well, kinda. More like, girlfriend’s gotta part-time job that takes up her usually (awesome) blog-infused morning hours. Instead I’ll be spending my mornings back at high school, though this time, I’ll be (meagerly) paid for it. (half) whoop.

No, really it’s a full whoop. I’m very thankful for the opportunity. At some point, I’ll write more about me and jobs and life goals (I do have those…I’m not [just] an obsessed, narcissistic blogger) and careers and all of that. But not today. Kinda tired of talking about such things today.

Really I only have two questions to pose to the people today. That’s you–the people, that is. I’m serious too. I really want your feedback. Sometimes human behavior just genuinely perplexes me and I need my fellow humans to enlighten me as to the inner workings of the human mind, and more importantly, human behavior.

Questions posed to the people…

(Jerry said I never smile in my mac self-pictures, so this first one’s for you, hun)

Help me out, people.

1. Why do some females put on make-up immediately before exercising? I don’t mean simply wearing the make-up that you already have on for the day and I don’t even really mean putting on a little foundation or concealer to cover-up some tiny blemish that we perceive as hideously grotesque. I mean girls who literally put on a full face of make-up, including eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, and the most eggregious offender–thick, liquid foundation–directly before going to work-out. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy??? (said in the Nancy-Kerrigan-post-being-clobbered-with-a-lead-pipe voice). It (particularly the eggregious liquid foundation offender) is just going to sweat off, thereby streaking down your face and by default, onto your towel or sleeve or whatever else you use to dab off such sweat. Not. Cute. So why make a point to put it all on beforehand? I don’t know many girls who do this, but I do know a few. Is it really just because “you never know who you might meet” and you “always want to look your best”? Really? Realllllly? Nope, I just can’t buy it. But I have no better explanation. Maybe I’m just not super in touch with my girly side, or maybe I’m just married so I don’t see the gym as a potential dating scene. But it just doesn’t make a ton of sense to me from a practical standpoint.

2. Why do some people routinely fail to return their shopping cart to the handy “return your carts here” slot at the grocery store? Seriously, every time I go to the grocery store, there are a few stray carts right in the middle of parking spaces. And inevitably when I look around, sure enough–there’s always a cart return thing like fifteen feet away. Is that really what we’ve come to? We are too lazy or busy or unconcerned about our fellow shopper that we can’t manage to walk fifteen feet to properly put the cart away? Again, really? C’mon.

Help me out here, people. Please, enlighten me.


1 bryan { 12.07.10 at 1:15 pm }

#1 – That’s what I do. I didn’t realize it was rubbing anyone the wrong way.

#2 – I don’t know on that one. I don’t see that too often. I see carts on the other side of the lot but usually not too many right next to the appropriate return spot. Is that a MA thing?

2 Jer { 12.07.10 at 6:54 pm }

#1 – Tina Thompson, formerly of the Houston Comets and now of the LA Sparks, was famous for wearing some SERIOUS lipstick during WNBA games. You should ask her. I’m sure she’d respond to your email.

#2 – I think it’s a New England thing. This bugs the heck out of me too, but I don’t recall noticing it in GA. I think it’s a combination of laziness, freezing temperatures, and the general Masshole attitude of “Yeah, I know exactly what I’m doing and I don’t care.” I know they call it the Dirty South, but at least we put up our grocery carts…

3 bryan { 12.07.10 at 8:37 pm }

Tina Thompson still plays in the WNBA? I had no idea! She was on those Houston teams in the late 90s, so she’s got to be going on 12, 13 years. That’s pretty incredible… It’s crazy to think that Tina Thompson has had a career 3x lengthier than that of a guy like Adam Morrison. And twice as long someone like Juan Dixon.

4 Jer { 12.07.10 at 10:00 pm }

I know! I Wikipedia-ed her and was STUNNED to find her still in the league. Is it insulting to call a female a dinosaur? Or maybe it’s more insulting to dinosaurs to compare them to someone I’ve never seen without gobs of lipstick on…

5 k&c's mom { 12.07.10 at 10:39 pm }

Ummm. Bryan and Jer: you are seriously off task here!
1. After 22 year of teaching, my students still draw me with a triangle body and circle head. (No arms or legs, let alone makeup.) The question really is: Why do I bother putting on makeup at all for the seven year old crowd?
2. Grocery carts left in limbo: I think it is a passive aggressive tendency. Maybe the groceries cost too much and consumers are getting back at the HEBs/ Hanifords of the world? (I know in Texas the soles of your feet can stick to the asphalt in August. Sometime leaving the carts where they land may be a survival tactic…)

6 Rhonda { 12.08.10 at 7:56 am }

1. Perhaps they put on makeup to trick their minds into thinking they are going somewhere worth dolling up for just to get their body in the gym! Exercise is half mental battle. But more likely it is simply that vanity holds them hostage!
2. Maybe they are trying to help the economy by giving job security to the basket chasers of the grocery world! But, more likely the lazy phenomena of Western civilization has taken root.

7 Mandy { 12.08.10 at 4:57 pm }

I don’t know why girls wear makeup to go work out but my favorite is when the girl comes to yoga in FULL FACE heavy, “I should be going to the club right now” makeup and then sweats so much in class that the mascara is all over her face. That makes me soo happy.

8 Lauren { 12.08.10 at 5:37 pm }

**I love Mandy for posting the above comment!!**

I don’t go to the gym, since taking Claire for walks/runs a few times a week is strenuous and stressful enough, but I remember (in the pre-puppy days, back when I worked in the Bennett Center) people who would plaster makeup on before working out. Those girls would either, like Mandy said, sweat it all over the place, orrrrr they would take a leisurely stroll on the treadmill for five minutes and then call it a day…

9 noche { 12.08.10 at 10:53 pm }

1. Like Mother, like daughter…or is it the other way around now….I don’t get it, have never gotten it and stopped trying to get it.
2. It’s like the clothes left all over the dressing room at Macy’s etc…..who raised you? where is your Mother? were my 1st responses…now I barely notice…..and so it goes for the shopping carts. Entitled, lazy and the “it’s someone else’s job” mentality has permeated our society. Sad, sorry lot we are.

10 bridget { 12.16.10 at 5:32 pm }

#2… guilty as charged (if you were seeing me in person, i am hiding my face a bit in shame). if it’s nearby-ish, i will always put it away. but if it’s not close, i’ll stick somewhere… never in the way of a car backing up or opening their door or anything, but not where it belongs :-\ my bad! i would say it’s pure laziness/hate of grocery shopping/it’s really cold and i wanna get the heck inside my car (and i would say that in the summertime, i do put it away almost all the time. hahaha).

11 Alyson Clark { 12.18.10 at 11:23 am }

#1….this is crazy to me. I feel like I need to wash my face before working out even if I am not wearing makeup. I don’t think I will ever understand this.
#2….Oh Jerry — it happens in GA. I find it frustrating, but I try not to let it bother me for more than a minute. I have heard of grocery stores (not sure where….sorry) that treat shopping carts (ohh but they’re buggies) like the luggage carts at the airport. You have to put in money to use it, and you get your money back when you return it.

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