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Paris: the two day tour

Following a splendid three days catching the London highlights, Jerry and I hopped on the Eurostar and raced through England, under the English Channel (slightly disconcerting!), and into the City of Love.

We had two days to catch all the hot spots. We were a couple on a mission.

Our main objective was to see everything on foot and to make sure to have ample time in the Louvre and Notre Dame. Mission Accomplished! We took the subway into the center of the city from the train station and took it back out when it was time to leave, but otherwise, everything was explored on foot. Miles upon miles. And our feet (and lower backs!) felt it.

I was so glad we tacked Paris onto this trip. I had been there before and to be honest, it’s not my favorite place. Blasphemy, I know! I feel like an improper female to not just looooove Paris–it’s up there with my non-dog-loving status. I feel like those are two strikes against my womanhood. But yeah, I’m just not enraptured with Paris. It’s beautiful and I certainly appreciate that, but there are so many places I enjoy more. I think it’s because I’m not an uber romantic. Anyway, I was glad to tack it onto this trip so Jerry could see the highlights and we could check it off our collective travel list. I had a fabulous time with him, walking around and seeing the sights, but my impressions were confirmed from my last visit–I didn’t fall in love with the city.

First Stop: The Louvre

This picture tickles me for some reason. Jerry looks British to me.

The swarming mob around the Mona Lisa. You would think she was a celebrity the way people clamored to the front, cameras held high, when in reality, most people (myself included if it wasn’t for Jerome) really have no idea what actually distinguishes her from any of the other thousands of paintings in that massive place.

The Code of Hammurabi.

Even though the Louvre houses countless ancient artifacts in it’s 650,000+ square feet, this one got me. It is shockingly well preserved for being dated around 1772BC. Circularly inscribed, it depicts 282 laws from Babylonian King Hammurabi. It didn’t surpass my love for the Rosetta Stone, but it was fascinating nonetheless.

Notre Dame.

Inside Notre Dame. The detail work, as in all European cathedrals, was magnificent.

Waiting for the Eiffel Tower to light up, pre-dusk.

Pretty much every building in Paris is worthy of a photograph.

Ahhh, the City of Lights.

Jerry and I loved afternoons in the Tuileries Garden, a beautiful area just beyond the Louvre with lush greenery, gardens, and fountains strewn with an abundance of benches and chairs. A great place to relax and watch people, most of whom were either sleeping or making out. Completely acceptable in Paris to just make out hard core all over the place.

Authentic Parisian chocolate croissant and Starbucks grande cappuccino. A perfect blend of both cultures.

I couldn’t bring myself to spend 5 euros on a teeny cup of Parisian coffee. Some things we Americans just got right–large coffees being one of them! But Parisians, man, they got the bread thing right. Incredibly so. I had the best sandwich of my life here. A tiny slice of ham and cheese and the most scrumptious bread. And yeah, I had two of those croissants and a crepe. It was basically a carb fest. A delicious carb fest. Mmmmm.

Taking in the Seine. And the Louvre.


1 Terri { 07.09.12 at 7:46 am }

Your pictures are as beautiful as you are Lisa! And yes, Jerry has the look of a Brit in that picture. Cheerio!

2 Bryan { 07.11.12 at 7:12 am }

That’s a good picture, that last one.

If I ever make it to Paris I want to definitely visit Stonehenge and the beach where the battle in Saving Private Ryan was filmed…I’m pretty sure that was in France or maybe Germany. I know we were fighting the Germans.

I’m glad you had a nice trip!

3 Bryan { 07.11.12 at 1:50 pm }

Yikes. Split the infinitive

4 Jer { 07.12.12 at 10:32 am }

The other girl (the non-Lisa) in the picture of Hammurabi’s Code looks like she is not wearing pants. Thank God for the slight fabric wrinkles down by her shins, else wise The Casting Dock might earn a spot on the FCC’s watch list.

5 Rhonda Burns { 07.12.12 at 3:10 pm }

I so agree with you about Paris. I was unimpressed but glad I saw it. I would differ from you on the “dog loving” issue but then we can’t agree on everything. Loved the pictures. The last one was my favorite!

6 CraigW { 07.17.12 at 11:21 am }

How were the photos on the bench and at the Seine taken? Tripod?

7 Lisa { 07.17.12 at 11:30 am }

Thanks friends, for the comments and compliments!

Jer, WOW–you are right about that girl. I had to search for the pants!

RHONDA! I love seeing you in the comments section!! (and thank you for that lovely note you sent…made me cry.)

Craig, no tripod, but a creative, resourceful balancing on packets of gum and miscellaneous other things I had in my purse. The same for the Eiffel Tower one. Jerry was a good sport, but I can only take so many iPhone self-portraits. Needed some variety. The self-timer feature is key. :)

8 Lisa { 07.17.12 at 11:31 am }

PS. Terri…I am hoping for pictures from Kaylie’s introduction to the Woods family…I hope you (and especially Jim) bring the heat! ;)

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