The Casting Dock

Nargles, thestrals, and skrewts, OH MY.

Time for 7 Wacky Wonders from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  After all, there are 7 books…

7. Wizards (and I can only assume some muggles impersonating wizards…dirty mudbloods…) wear wizarding robes, carry wands, and dress in their “house colors” (surprisingly Gryffindor was not an overwhelming majority here…it was really very even) complete with the house scarves. Evidently I am not as far down the Potter nerd spectrum as I once imagined…

6. Every-flavored jelly beans.  I mean, I didn’t buy any, because 1. I couldn’t bring myself to pay $10 for what amounted to like 50 jelly beans and 2. I don’t care to run the risk of eating a snot-flavored one. BUT, I like that they pulled a variety of candies off the snack trolley…

5. They had that live WANTED poster from HP 3 of Sirius Black going crazy behing the jail bars tacked up to a post on the street.  I love that thing. HP 3 was the first Potter movie that I saw, before I had read any of the books, and I loved the creative touch of living photos.

4. Moaning Myrtle. She greets you in every bathroom (at least the girls’ bathrooms). An easy touch to bring to life from the book.

3. HOGWARTS. Very impressive. As you weave throughout the line, you get a great tour inside the castle with all kinds of little nuances from the books, including live paintings and a candle adorned ceiling in the Great Hall.  They also have some holograms of Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Dumbledore at different points giving directions to the castle visitors–nice touch. And the ride itself inside in the castle is really quite clever–it weaves back and forth through the physical castle and also the greater grounds of Hogwarts (via a simulator).

2. Jerry, a wizard chosen by his wand. So, Ollivander’s wand shop is a VERY popular attraction in Potter World. It was our first stop of the day (we entered the park an hour before general admission…a perk for those with pure wizard blood) and there was already about a 30 minute line.  They allow about 25-30 people in at a time and once inside “Ollivander” puts on a little show while helping one lucky wizard to find the right wand.  As you know, it is the wand that chooses the wizard, not the wizard who chooses the wand. So out of the 25ish people who entered with us, amidst the bright-eyed ten year olds, mesmerized six year olds, and way-too-far-gone-parents-in-wizarding-robes, who was chosen? None other than my adorable husband.  Ollivander directed him to cast some “spells” (they had some pretty nifty special effects, I must say) as they searched for the right wand and Ollivander prophesied over his illustrious wizarding future. Then at the end, they try to sell you the wand for like 50 bucks. We passed. Ollivander’s helper woman was shocked, giving the but-the-wand-CHOSE-you look. Not the best marketing strategy, Ollie. Should’ve targeted those munchkins with puppet strings to their parents wallets.

1. BUTTER. BEER. The stuff is scrumptuous. They make regular (colder than room temp, but not ice cold) and frozen. The frozen is better, in my opinion, but the regular is caked in delicious frothiness. So creamy and frothy. It’s like cream soda with butterscotch and a little smidge of heaven. Sadly, they don’t make a warm variety which would be oh-so-tasty, especially as Hogsmeade is covered in snow. But I have a man who brews his own hot butter beer, so Potter World ain’t got nothin’ on me.


1 Jer { 11.17.10 at 9:17 pm }

I grew my butterbeer stache in honor of Movember.

2 Ashley { 11.18.10 at 1:11 pm }

I am so jealous you got to go to The Wizarding World!!! And I love the fact that Jerry got picked by Olliviander. Haha. Would’ve loved to see that! Do you have more pictures? And the butter beer looks amazing. Noah would really like to try some of that.

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