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My favorite weekend of the year.

I say it every year. It may get old, but I don’t even care, y’all. I can’t help myself.

We have a reunion with a bunch of our college friends every summer. It’s always my most highly anticipated and crazy celebrated weekend of the year. It’s usually in Maine–the way life should be–as it was in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

But this year, our fifth year, we ventured out to our friend Whitney’s parent’s house in Maryland. Beyond idyllic, this luxurious property, ripe with a speedboat, sailboat, kayaks, pool access, swimming pond, and gorgeous lawn sits on the waterfront. It is STUNNING.

And Whit’s parents were so gracious, generous, and hospitable, not only allowing but fully embracing our invasion of their home for 4 days. It was truly a reunion for the books!

There was simply too much goodness going on to capture and adequately express, so I’m just going to hit on some of my personal highlights from the long weekend:

+ Playing blind man’s bluff in the pool with whit’s nieces and nephews. Completely unexpected highlight. I had a blast with these little munchkins and we ended up with a funny chunk of stories from the experience. My favorite part, though, was the rogue sea monster committed to his own agenda amidst the chaos of the game…see if you can spot him above…

+ Georgetown/DC monument walk at night. Always a good place for reflection.

+ Kubb, our new lawn game courtesy of our time in London with these guys. It was THE game of the weekend. Normally these weekends are replete with a myriad of games, sports, and activities, but this weekend had a far more low-key vibe. Kubb was largely our only competitive outlet…and it got pretty competitive…most notable of which was an hour and a half long game involving me as an obnoxious play-by-play announcer/trash talker, Dash self-punishing with push-ups for missed shots, Mark (AKA “the big secret”) finding remarkably thin alleys by which to miss actually knocking over pins, and ending with a rain force out while both sides still had five pins standing.

+ Simple, relaxed chat time. There’s not much that I enjoy more than just chilling around any venue with good friends and chatting. And I was delighted by hours upon hours of it this weekend. Glorious.

+ Long, lingering breakfast/coffee time. A staple of every reunion. And the perfect start to any day.

+ Tubing. Oh man, so many good memories on the boats and tubes. Mark got pretty classically stung by a jellyfish after belaboring his fear of them. Dash tubed rodeo style with a towel tied to the rope (oh-so-classic). The baby boat abruptly ran out of gas causing the front-loaded bow to take a dive. Jerry (and a few others, shockingly) enjoyed his first ever tubing experience (and he liked it! hooray! {aside from the jelly fear…}). And Dash rode rodeo style…did I mention that?…because it is CLASSIC.

+ THE OLYMPICS. So, the Olympics are amazing regardless of time or place or company, but to watch every night with a group of friends over deliciously cooked dinners and after a day spent in the sun was the absolute best capper to each night.

+ Pool Nuke-em. Again, another unexpected amazing activity. This was a highlight all around. Guys vs. girls (plus Dr. Plaster) battle to the end.

+ Bodie, the dog. She’s awesome.

+ Chatting with Mark and Whit poolside on the last night. I think we had good thoughts, Whit…I’m looking forward to watching Mark run with them…

Aside from magically transporting in the people who were unable to make it (and imparting all possible chemistry knowledge to JD so he didn’t have to be super studier pre-med student), there’s nothing I would have changed about the weekend. As I always say, I am SO thankful for this group of people and unbelievably appreciative of the time together.

Many, many, many thanks to Whit’s parents. It wouldn’t have been possible without them! And special thanks to Whit herself for being a rockin’ awesome host and doing so much behind the scenes to both prepare for the weekend (groceries! sheets! cool chalk mason jars!) and ensure it ran smoothly (filling coolers! helping us find stuff in the kitchen! coordinating plans and schedules and transportation! answering a bazillion questions! driving the baby boat {minus the unexpected bailout off the side…while still in motion…}!, etc. etc. etc.).

I know it can be a lot. You were amazing!

Until next year….my wheels are already spinning…


1 whitney { 07.31.12 at 10:10 am }

Great recap! How about a printstagram book of everyone’s instagram pics?

2 Lisa { 07.31.12 at 10:20 am }

intriguing option, whit. i’d be down. i didn’t know such a thing existed until now…but we sure have a lot of good ones!

3 D { 07.31.12 at 10:51 am }

It looks like you guys had so much fun! Sad we couldn’t be there. Hopefully next year! Miss y’all!

4 Bryan { 08.01.12 at 4:24 am }

Great photos. Great photos.

5 erica { 08.01.12 at 12:00 pm }

It looks so fun! Next year…

6 Jer { 08.02.12 at 9:50 am }

Two things, both related to Kubb:

1) Your description of the marathon game was great. But I did notice that you left out a certain “closer” who had a knack for destroying pins at the most critical moments. Might want to get him in there.

2) How about that ground-level picture of Prickett tossing the Kubb stick? Man, that’s incredible. Who took that one?

What an extended weekend! SO. GOOD.

7 114 steps to joy — The Casting Dock { 08.21.12 at 2:29 pm }

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