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Little Noah makes his big appearance.

Congratulations are in order this morning. One of my closest friends from high school, Ashley, and her husband Cody welcomed their first child into the world yesterday evening: Noah Cole.

This is my first baby-of-a-close-friend so I feel like I have now hoisted myself up another rung on the ladder of adult life (cuz obviously this joyous occasion is singularly about me and my life progression, people…obviously). Not quite ready to step onto the child-of-my-own rung but now that I have a close married friend with a child, I must be getting close. Eeeeeee, that’s a daunting thought…I am still wrapping my mind around the thought that one second he’s snugly tucked into that belly of hers and the next second he’s just chillin out in the world like a real person. Ok, so the next “second” might be a little bit of an understatement which I’m sure Ashley would be quick to correct, but really, he’s not there and then BOOM he’s there. For some reason this is striking me as really weird right now, despite the fact that it happens thousands of times every hour of every day. Weird.

OK, back on point. Sheeesh, Lisa, focus. This is about Ash. Product of a self-involved culture, here people… So, as I was saying…Ashley is going to make the absolute best mother. She was THE most adorable pregnant gal and she is going to be the perfect combination of “cool” mom and ”parent” mom–she is so fun-loving, spunky, and beautiful (very cool-mom-esque) but she is also so thoughtful, giving, and willing to sacrifice for others. She will raise her kids with manners, values, and a sense of what’s genuinely important in life. I can’t wait to see the person little Noah becomes as a result of her influence and I am equally excited to see how she changes and grows as a result of him. He popped out with a full head of bright red hair…she could be in for it…

Congrats Ash and Cody!


1 bryan { 12.21.10 at 5:59 pm }

Congrats Ashley!

2 Noche { 12.21.10 at 7:43 pm }

He’s adorable…like his Mama! Congratulations to all!

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