The Casting Dock

life these days.

+ life these days involves lots of this. lots and lots of it. like ate-a-giant-one-by-myself-in-three-days lots. cool, sweet, refreshing, a little foretaste of summer…it’s been perfect.

+ life these days is centered on houses. conversations, time, savings–all going towards houses. quite obviously, we are in the spring house hunt. with half the rest of the north shore here in massachusetts, i should say. i’m a little all over the place about it. a total fixer-upper? a multi-family? a small, but updated single family? a tiny place by the water? a place with more yard and space? i certainly know what i like, but there are so many different ways to go with it. i have my eye on a very narrow stretch of land in my ideal location and that is certainly my top priority. it should be interesting to see how and when it all plays out. jerry and i have some different priorities…but i think we will ultimately find the right spot for us.

+ life these days involves lots of doting on this guy, all cuddled up in our frilly, feminine comforter (and all up on my side of the bed, might i say). perhaps the pregnancy hormones have something to do with it, but i just adore, I mean really adooooooore him even more than usual. he’s just the sweetest little thing.

+ life these days is (finally!) involving time outside again!!! the green-tipped trees, the sweet budding flowers, the glowing sunshine with a crisp breeze. we are actually getting a spring this year. a true novelty.

+ life these days means berries. lots and lots of berries. true berry-picking season is almost here! sing thee my soul.

+ life these days involves lots of bonding with this little guy rumbling and tumbling around in there. we will be meeting him in only 10ish weeks.


1 Bryan { 05.06.13 at 2:28 am }

A lot of great photos on this one. Berries are so good also. I’m envious. I also think you’ll end up in the right place, one where there is maybe less parking spots but also less responsibilties like pool care and also fewer money if possible. !

And wow look at you. You’re almost there!

I can’t make out the book you’were reading at breakfast. Is that the Bible?

2 Mama Logan { 05.10.13 at 6:58 am }

Looking BEAUTIFUL Miss Lisa! I can’t believe the arrival is just 10 weeks away! Can’t wait to see you in just THREE weeks! I’m with Bryan – the right place WILL come at the right time. Keep up that search!

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