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indecisive much or just overly ambitious? you decide.

I am a little bit of ALL OVER the place. This can be true of me in general–a tad scattery at times and a classic over-thinker so there’s always a few pots simmering upstairs–but it’s especially true when it comes to work stuff.

There are just SO many intriguing work options out there and I want to try a little bit of them all…does anyone else ever feel this way?

I mean, I just got my school counseling degree and am SO excited to use it so let’s not overlook that. But with so many options out there, I can’t imagine only doing school counseling for my whole career. I want to do some elementary school counseling (which I will be starting in March!), some high school counseling, maybe some college admissions or college counseling, and that’s all just in the counseling field! Once we get outside of that, I really go spastic. I’m a total MATH NERD and despite years and years of vowing I will NEVER teach math (my mom’s a math teacher…), I just know that somewhere, somehow I will end up teaching math someday. I’m too much of a math-loving nerd not to! Oh, and while we’re in the working with kids field, I am determined to do something with this whole childhood obesity problem…that one I can probably fold in pretty nicely with school counseling though…

Then sometimes I just want to abandon it all and be like Holly who started her own furniture painting business by picking up cheap items at auctions and off craigslist and giving them a whole new life with just a coat of paint. She has breathed fresh life into some amazing pieces and made a whole career for her and her husband out of it!

And oh, can I ever get carried away by the idea of transforming old houses (!!), both for personal pleasure and economic profit! This couple has literally made a living out of renovating their own house and blogging about it. Can you believe it? I’d like a slice of that pie. Forget the fact that I have no experience, minimal natural aptitude, and no current house to speak of…(though I did go look at a house today…why, no one knows, because we certainly don’t have 400 grand to buy it…just couldn’t help myself–it was a 1950s Cape Cod less than 1/10th of a mile from the ocean…)

Despite those “details,” somehow I still look at these photos and think, Ohhhh, I could do that! I want to do THAT!

For the past year or two, I’ve also been pretty interested in investing and whatnot…I love to check my stocks in the morning and keep track of them throughout the day and while I’m a TOTAL novice, somewhere in my all-over-the-place daydreams, I see myself simply using money to make money for a living.

It would never actually happen, but I could see it being a little part-time venture. The question is part-time in addition to what? What’s going to be my primary source of income? My greatest passion? I just don’t know! There are too many different options constantly capturing my attention. Is it possible to taste a little bit of all that goodness? Are there enough years? Who knows.

Am I alone in wanting to try so many different things? Am I just a product of an indecisive, lacking-attention-span generation?


1 bryan { 02.12.11 at 12:57 am }

I like this post.

In my opinion, there is considerable diversity of opportunity in the world but limited time. One approach is to spend a bit of time trying as many things as possible. One other is to find the nearest-to-best thing as rapidly as possible so that one has maximum time to enjoy doing it.

Always with consideration towards time.

“One thing I learned in prison… money is not the prime asset in life, time is.”
- Gordon Gekko

2 bryan { 02.12.11 at 1:06 am }

Maybe to best illustrate the case of time as a wasting asset, I should just post some pictures of myself from high school and then today. Any pair of my classmates would make the point I suppose.

3 Rhonda { 02.12.11 at 9:41 am }

I think for young people who have some drive and vision in them, it is very common to see the whole world before them and all the possibilities that exist. When doors open for you to try your hands at the various things…walk through them as God leads you. Who knows what is in store? I have had two careers in my as a teacher for 15 years and one as an International Sales Manager for a touch screen company where I have worked for 10 years. Very different worlds which I have both loved and hated at times. Mostly love them, but all jobs have their stresses. When I was younger I never imagined doing either one, but the doors opened for me and I am grateful they did. I have no doubt you will be successful at whatever opportunities you put your hands to.

4 Noche { 02.13.11 at 2:26 pm }

I’m still looking for my next career!

5 Krystin { 02.13.11 at 7:31 pm }

Am I the one who gave you the links for Young House Love? Their talent makes me sick.

6 Lisa { 02.14.11 at 1:32 pm }

Krystin–NO, I just found them a few months ago when I was looking for before and after pictures from renos. They do a FABULOUS job, especially on a low budget (have you read about their wedding?? SOOO inexpensive and cute!)…

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