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I have realized something about myself lately.  And it’s not what I would call a pleasant revelation.  My personality just naturally is pretty consistent, as are my emotions.  I don’t have great mood swings and generally am very rational and well thought out.  Now this is not “news”…I’ve known this for some time and am actually very thankful that I am wired this way.  However, my “revelation” seems quite contrary to my personality: sometimes I get impulsive ideas and fail to really follow through on them.  I’d hate to say that I “lack follow through” because that’s really a negative quality, but, if I’m being honest, I really do when it comes to these impulsive ideas.

Sometimes I just get SOO excited about a new idea and I go full steam ahead for a relatively short period of time.  I mean, really FULL steam ahead (think: manic level of production).  I am in the zone and nothing will divert my attention.  If the new and oh-so-exciting idea can be completed in that short period of time (usually a few days) then I WILL finish it and be irrationally excited about it.  Some examples include buying the previously mentioned Screwtape Letters for the previously mentioned ABSURD amount of money (it took me a few days to track down a copy in Ireland and get all the details ironed out to have it shipped over: operation accomplished) and making this digital print-out scrapbook for my mom for Christmas (I was tied to my computer for like 5 days straight…).  However, if the idea can’t feasibly be finished in that short period of time then my interest and enthusiasm for the project plummets (as I think about it now, there really are some strong parallels to bipolar swings…).

One such idea was to start refinishing furniture.  In the irrationally and impulsively excited phase I worked on this piece:

But then soon after, my interest petered out.  In fairness, part of that petering had to do with moving from Virginia (where we rented a 5 bedroom house) to Massachusetts (where we live in a tiiiiiiiiny one bedroom apartment); translation: no space for much furniture period, let alone room to refinish it.  But nevertheless, it petered.

Very rational, consistent personality with real follow-through vs. irrational, impulsive project girl with no follow-through. I. don’t. get. it. I mean, I did get my bachelors degree in the standard four years and my masters in two. I promise I’m really not a slacker in meaningful life endeavors.  But in these little projects of mine, quite frankly, I suck.  I don’t like this quality in myself.  So I’m going to remedy it.  Within one month from today, I will have refinished another piece of furniture for unveiling on this blog.  I know, I know, a month is a loooooong period of time to do just one piece of furniture, but 1. I’m taking baby steps and 2. the logistics of actually having a space to do it are legitimately more challenging now.

I know you all must just be waiting with bated breath for the big reveal (!!!)…but I mean, the little white bedside table is super cute, right?? It was $10 at a thrift store. I love a good deal.


1 noche { 10.21.10 at 6:05 pm }

I love your extreme level of enthusiasm when inspired by new projects, however your analysis of how quickly that enthusiasm feigns when projects become “long termed” is most observant. Balance, as always is the key. I do enjoy reading your blog so keep writing.

2 Jer { 10.21.10 at 9:19 pm }

I’m glad you’re finally ‘fessing up to this tendency and we have it in “print.” In the future we might be able to save you some effort (and us some money…) by heading some of these things off at the pass. But probably not. You did kind of call yourself bipolar.

3 Rhonda { 10.22.10 at 3:56 am }

Now some would say I am just letting one of my favorite people in the world off the hook, but in reality I am only speaking the truth from me to you. I would say that you are far from being a slacker. In fact, I have seen many projects that are amazing and complex that you brought to to fruition as woman on a mission. I say, you just know how to prioritize well. When you have as many creative genes swirling through a mind such as yours, you have to trust that they will lead you to only those projects deemed worthy of completion! No worries Lisa, you got this!

4 Bryan { 10.22.10 at 4:22 am }

Congrats on The Casting Dock! It is so exciting to have a blogger in the family. I really like the name too. Much better than your the original blog title of which, frankly, I thought was a tad condescending.

5 Lisa { 10.24.10 at 4:43 pm }

Thanks, Rhonda! My mother AND my husband basically called me a slacker, but you came to my rescue…

And thanks for all the help, Bry. You’ll be getting a shout-out soon on the blog, but I don’t have many good, recent pictures of you…you know how you feel about the camera…

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