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Girl’s gone camera wild…but at least it’s with engagement shots…

Do you remember my dear friends Keith and Sarah? They got engaged a few months back…ring any bells? Well, a couple days ago we went for a little stroll around Beverly to snap some lovely engagement shots of this adorable couple. I had JUST gotten my new lens THE DAY before so it was perfect timing. I was beyond giddy to test it out…I would say even giddier than those two, but as you can tell from their love-saturated, adoring faces, no amount of camera-infatuation could top their giddiness. Touche.

They didn’t want anything too staged or engagementy so we just walked around town, I told them to do their thing, and I hovered about snapping away. It was COLD and a little misty at times, but they were real troopers! Here are some of my personal favorites from the day–the above umbrella shot being my absolute fave!

Keith trying to convince Sarah that they should be a part of the funky circus-like mural…

Congrats again to Keith&Sarah. I love you guys and am so thankful to have you both in my life. Counting down the days till that lovely August wedding of yours…!!


1 Nicole Puz { 04.22.11 at 9:09 am }

LOVE THESE!!! What a great couple and what a great photographer! :)

2 Mama Logan { 04.22.11 at 10:06 am }

Lisa – What a great job! The pictures are beautiful. Looks like you will be taking over the position as “family photographer.”

3 bryan { 04.22.11 at 2:58 pm }

Nice photos. Nice photos.

4 noche { 04.23.11 at 10:27 am }

Great job Pumpkin. Brings back memories of your engagement photos. I agree…the umbrella picture is the best…a contest winner for sure! Of course having such pretty/handsome subjects to photograph was a plus.
Does this mean we have to get our smiley faces on next time we see you?

5 erica { 04.23.11 at 1:46 pm }

Beautiful Lisa! I like the one with the Cabot Cinema in the back. I like that its very them… laid back, and full of giddiness :) So excited for that wedding as well! Weekend get-away!
Have fun in NYC- if you stop by Top Shop, and see a cute thin, brown or gold, belt… feel free to get it for me hehe… I’ll pay back ;) (Size S, but if it seems like it runs bigger then XS).

6 Trish { 04.25.11 at 10:13 am }

Kari forwarded the pictures. They are great! Question: what camera and lens did you use. I love taking pictures-mostly of my grandkids.

7 Lisa { 04.25.11 at 7:38 pm }

Thanks guys!!

Erica–we never made it to Top Shop (what is it anyway??) but your comment made me chuckle.

Trish–SO glad Kari forwarded them and that you like them! :) Keith has them all, but if you want copies of any, I’ll gladly email them to you. Just let me know. My email is My camera is a Canon Rebel XSI and the lens is a 50mm fixed 1.4. I just got them both about a week ago and I LOVE them!! Pricey (I’ve been saving for months), but worth the investment.

And Mom, smiley faces or not, I will definitely be snapping away next time I see you. :)

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