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Fall updates 2012

This fall has been characterized by:

1. Baby Haven (and me as a crazy pseudo-aunt).

This little delight was born on September 22. I adore her. Her presence has made me realize that I am becoming a little crazy with the baby stuff though. Quite literally. I have a “baby section” in my closet. I’m not pregnant; I don’t have a baby; and yet I have a baby section. In fairness to myself, a number of those items are designated as gifts for certain people who have recently had babies, but still. The section is growing too large. And the pinnacle of craziness came when I bought that raincoat for a 2 year old. A TWO YEAR OLD. My reasoning was that it could go to Haven, but still, the girl wasn’t even born yet when I purchased it. I mean, it’s not like I’ve started a fake baby registry or anything, so it could be worse, but really, I’ve got to watch myself.

2. Sports, studying, and walks

Jerry is teaching two courses this semester at our alma mater and I am taking a class this fall so a number of our Saturday mornings have involved us, our books, and the library. I’m lovin’ the routine.

Sports in the fall is always a mainstay in the Logan household, but as much as I LOVE watching football (and I truly do), I also LOVE being outside in the fall. So Jerry and I have come to an agreement–he can choose one football game on Saturday and one on Sunday to prioritize and plan around. Otherwise, we are outside enjoying the lovely (when not raining) weather. None of this in all day both days watching football business. It’s worked out well thus far. Ocean walks, woods walks, I love them all. And this cemetery, with its lovely turning leaves, is my personal favorite.

3. Crock-pot cooking and de-cluttering.

I have been experimenting with new crock pot recipes this fall. Some were winners and as always, one was terrible. Dry and flavorless. And then I was stuck with that one as lunch for three days. It’s just the risk you run with the crock pot.

I am one bag away from this goal and it’s felt amazing. A new person is emerging within me. An organized, de-cluttered being. My husband rejoices.

4. Apple picking and homecoming.

No fall in New England is complete without apple picking. We went with our friends Keith and Sarah on an overcast September day and it was glorious. One of my favorite fall traditions.

Early October homecoming. A weekend with my friend Steph, a beautiful fall day to hang out on the quad and watch the soccer games, and just quality time with friends. Loved every second.

5. Cape Cod weekend with the Krasses.

Believe it or not, I have lived north of Boston for 7 years now and have never made the trek two hours south to Cape Cod. People literally come from all over the world to visit the Cape and yet I’d never stepped foot on its lovely shores. Well that was remedied this year with a wonderfully low key and restful journey with Keith and Sarah. Highlights for me included a delightful breakfast joint serving both pumpkin coffee AND pumpkin pancakes, an impromptu stop at a local park simply to play and explore, the JFK museum in Hyannis, and the flexibility of no schedule to simply do as we pleased on a whim. Oh and also, I was reminded this weekend that Jerry’s (big ball) bowling style is HILARIOUS. It had been YEARS since we had gone bowling together and wow, made me laugh. I should have taken a video. It was effective, but yeah, it looked ridiculous.

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1 erica { 10.22.12 at 3:39 pm }

awww… i love the little raincoat! :)
The good thing about all the baby stuff, is that whatever you invest in Baby Havey will be an investment in your baby. hehe. I was telling Josh that if the time frame we were talking about Saturday night turns out, then Cami (we have been calling her both names, trying to decide which one suits her more) will be out of some of her baby stuff gear, so we can lend it to you guys and they wont be getting dusty in our basement until we adopt :)

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