The Casting Dock

Evidently he’s shrine-worthy…

Jerry and I are living it up with his fam in GA this weekend.

Check out my view for the next few nights.

The Lil Guns (middle school and high school awards):

The Big Guns (college awards):

Now this is a true wall of fame, otherwise known as Jerry’s “childhood” bedroom. And these are actually some pretty impressive awards…not your typical if-you-played-or-were-even-on-the-roster-then-you-get-a-trophy kind of awards. A good number of these from college were only awarded to one male athlete at Gordon, or in the case of the Senior Scholar Athlete award, only one male athlete in the entire conference. So yeah, impressive. But does that stop me from giving him a hard time about it? Of course not. It’s a mini-shrine for goodness sakes.

The funny thing is that when Jerry and I first started dated I was under the impression that he was more of an “outcast” in high school…don’t ask me why, but somewhere along the way, I got that impression. Only later did I come to find out that he was actually very well-liked, had a broad range of friends, and a great reputation in high school. It makes no sense why that wasn’t my first natural impression. I mean, in high school if you’re an athletic, funny guy (which he was), you generally rule the place. Throw in some intelligence on top of that, and that’s a pretty dynamic trio I must say…dynamic enough to warrant a mini-shrine both in his house and, to a lesser extent, in his high school gym…

But Jer, you know that as much as I always give you a (playful) hard time about it, I really am proud of you and quite impressed by your track record.


1 Lindsey { 01.14.11 at 10:37 pm }

Haha…this is EXACTLY what Scott’s “childhood” room looked like in his parents house when we first started dating. Part of me was impressed and part of me couldn’t help but roll my eyes. But it was the fact that there was a frame with multiple photos in it that included one photo of him and his high school girlfriend in it that really irked me. Apparently his mom had put it up on the wall after he left for college. We took it off the wall, but his mother found it and put it back up before we visited again. I think after taking it down again she finally got the picture.

We’re considering reserving a room in our new house for all our awards and trophies…(totally kidding)

2 Lindsey { 01.14.11 at 10:37 pm }

PS – I’m VERY impressed, Jerry!

3 Lisa { 01.15.11 at 10:53 am }

HA! I loved this Lindsey–it made me laugh. Glad I’m not the only one who has experienced this…I felt the exact same way–kind of impressed but also kind of like, “c’mon…pahhh-lease”…something tells me Scott and Jerry probably have many commonalities…those selfless, shrine-worthy fellas! We will HAVE to get together sometime!!

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