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entirely full and entirely pleasant

A couple weeks ago I was exchanging emails with a friend of mine who works at a church and happens to have Mondays off. She is getting married in January and we were ironing out some details and questions via email. It was a Monday morning so I knew with her day off, it would be a good time to catch her for some answers. She responded promptly to my email and essentially said, I’m heading out now, but I’ll write back later today.

Well that day came and went.

The next day I got an email from her saying, Sorry I never wrote back yesterday. The day turned out to be entirely full and entirely pleasant and it slipped my mind. Something about this simple sentence made me smile. Entirely full and entirely pleasant. Not a pairing often heard in tandem, it elicited a peaceful sigh.

And that’s the exact pairing I would use to describe this past Saturday.

Jerry and I were up and out early, having breakfast with a dear friend at an old-favorite-turned-new breakfast joint in the lovely seaside town of Newburyport. After stuffing ourselves with every variety of delicious pancake, we strolled along unencumbered by time or agenda, free to simply explore. We popped into shops, perused for Christmas gifts, supported the local boyscouts who were bold enough to ask, and put our money where our mouth is to support the local bookstore–always tough to do when you know you could get it on amazon for half the price (literally), but I must say, it felt good. ‘Twas the cutest little bookshop.

Following our glorious breakfast, we swung through my favorite farmstand, checked out our alma mater’s women’s conference championship soccer game (sadly they lost), and spent the late afternoon watching football, putting together bridal shower invitations, and running errands. I fell asleep on the couch to football by 10. My kind of day.

Entirely full and entirely pleasant (and to bed early!).

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1 Seulgi { 11.13.12 at 8:51 am }

Soda and cigars. Sounds like my kind of shop! Hope you are both doing well. We drove by the strawberry farm the other day and Micah didn’t miss a beat: “Hey, that’s the strawberry patch we go’ed to with Jerry and Lisa!”

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