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Countdown to Lil’ G: Week 21

Dear Lil’ G,

Lil’ G…that’s your first nickname. It’s what your dad and I have called you since before you were ever conceived, the way we referenced our future children long before we were ready to actually form them.

This is my first letter to you. It feels a little funny to write to you already, you little banana of a being.

I want so many things for you. Probably too many. I’m going to be that helicopter parent that drives me crazy at school. The one forcing you to read on vacation and signing you up for every sport and enrichment activity under the sun. Your dad will temper me though. He’s the sane one. Level-headed and calm. Plus, he’s where you’ll get your brains if you’re a brainy one. All cute and nerdy with a side part and elastic-bottom pants like your dad.

When we had our first ultrasound, you had little cysts on your brain. They assured us you would most likely be fine and the odds were that the cysts would resolve on their own. But they also told us that they could be an indicator of a chromosomal disorder. I knew the odds were in our favor, but I was still a little nervous. Your dad assured me all would be clear. I said, “I know, but it’s just I really want him to be perfect.” Your dad said, “Well, I can tell you now, he won’t be perfect. But he’ll be fine.”

Welcome to the story of your life.

For your whole life, I think I’ll be wanting you to be perfect, pushing you to be perfect and your dad will patiently remind me that you’re fine, just fine how you are.

I promise I will try to relax though, try to just let you be and let you navigate the world in your own way, not mine. Dad will help me, don’t worry. He’s a better person than I am. But we both love you already.


1 Noche { 03.08.13 at 1:05 pm }

I think Littlt G is already Perfectly Fine !!

2 Rhonda Burns { 03.08.13 at 2:51 pm }

Such a beautiful and honest first letter! Lil’G is so lucky to have you both as parents!

3 Maggy { 03.12.13 at 5:35 am }

OhI am so thrilled for you guys! This was wonderful, I’ll be praying for a healthy Baby G :)

4 Maggy { 03.12.13 at 5:36 am }

Oops, Lil’ G. Duh.

5 Erica { 03.12.13 at 3:39 pm }

:) #happy #havensbf #lilgsmartyboy #illteachhim

6 Erica { 03.12.13 at 3:42 pm }

Ps. With certain topics I’m afraid to express myself out loud, because of being judged, but everything you said about yourself, is exactly how I feel about me… Even at this stage.

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