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Charlie boy. Month 5.

Our little tyke just turned 5 months old and as such it’s high time for a update on his little life.


This kiddo has brought inexplicable joy to our lives. Every parent says it and it really is true. We couldn’t imagine our lives without him.




Charlie is seriously a super chill baby. I feel badly even saying this because I know it is not a dominant characteristic of many babies (or so it seems), but this kid just loves sleep. He started sleeping through the night at 2 months and now he’s unbelievable. Most of the time he puts himself to sleep sucking on 2-3 fingers and if he wakes up in the middle of the night, I’ll hear him kicking around in his bed and maybe babbling, but then he’ll find his fingers again and drift back to sleep. Somehow he got the memo that if it’s dark, it’s time to sleep. I can’t overemphasize how much I love this about him! He loves his naps and his full night of sleep which makes for two very happy, well rested parents! We often comment about how we will get blasted with our second child because this one has been such a dream. I am secretly hoping that our genes just make chill babies though!




Charlie loves his space. He likes being held and will sometimes cry if he wants to be held, but even more so he prefers his own space. He will start crying if he’s been passed around and held too much, but if you just put him down, he’s back to being happy as a clam. Oftentimes in the mornings after he eats, we just lay him down on the floor with some little toys and he’ll entertain himself for an hour or two.




Charlie is a ponderer. Similar to not loving being held all the time, he clearly likes being around the action, but not in the middle of it. He just wants to sit on the sidelines and take it in. This is one of his clearest traits and has been since he was an itty bitty baby.




Charlie is a rational little being (or so we tell ourselves) and a good communicator. There is always a reason for his behavior. It’s like clockwork–very predictable. He’s never been a cry-for-the-sake-of-crying kid. He’s hungry, tired, gassy, sick of being held, or wants to be held. That’s about it. He doesn’t even usually fuss when his diaper’s dirty.




Charlie has a huge head. And a mohawk. And very huge, beautiful blue eyes. By way of physical characteristics, these are the three stand outs. His head is so huge that he had an ultrasound to make sure there weren’t any problems. Turns out the dude’s just got a massive dome. He’s always been in the 90th percentiles for height and weight, but his head is off the charts. He’s our real life bobble head!




Charlie wakes up happy. He just babbles and chills in his bed content by himself for quite a while until we go get him. I watched him on the monitor once and he just played by himself for an hour and a half before indicating that he wanted to get out. Seriously chill. And loves his space. Like his daddy.




Charlie has two trade marks: shields up and the thumb tuck. When he was younger, if you picked him up or if you gave him his paci, he would immediately pull his fists to the sides of his head, a motion which earned the title “shields up!” Sadly he doesn’t really do this much anymore, but it’s a sweet memory for us. His longest lasting and most pervasive trademark is the thumb tuck. Since he was first born, he has always tucked his thumb in between his index and middle fingers. We assume he did this in the womb because he does it all the time, especially when he’s eating and sleeping, and he does it on both hands.




We love this little guy like crazy. Being parents is seriously the best!

December 31, 2013   3 Comments

Countdown to Lil’G: Weeks 25-30

Well, somewhere along the way I got wayyyy behind with these little buggers…
so here goes an attempt at rapid catch-up…

weeks27&28: vacation weeks

Oh, parenting.
You terrify me; you excite me.
So many opinions and philosophies and books and unending, often unrequested advice.

Even in these past few months as I think about kids and parenting and what I want for my little guy and my family in general, I’ve felt myself mellow (Jerome sings a song of praise and breaths a deep sigh of relief, I’m sure). I’m not all wound up classic American style (anymore) with wanting my kid to do everything, play everything, know everything–to basically be the best and the smartest and the most talented and every other superlative out there.
I really have mellowed.

When I think about parenting, I really just want to:

+ model the characteristics both individually and through our marriage that we want our kids to embody

+ be consistent with our rules, expectations, and consequences

+ actively create an atmosphere where dialogue is open and no topics are considered taboo

+ establish from day 1 that our kids are a part of our family, not the center of our family

+ be patient, forgiving, and always willing to teach and listen

Sounds easy enough, right?

And to all you parents out there, I know I’m in for a rude awakening in that these will be far more challenging to carry out in practice than in theory, but at least I’m coming in with some attempted direction, an aim line to shoot for…

Maybe I should add:
be flexible and have a sense of humor when my well laid plans are shot to pieces…

May 11, 2013   6 Comments

Countdown to Lil’ G: Week 24

Your dad and I are in Maine for Easter weekend, little dude.
We can’t wait for you to enjoy and explore this great state with us.
We’ve been coming here for years, since we’ve known each other actually.
It’s where we had our first kiss, got engaged, conceived you.
All the milestones, really.

It’s your grandma’s place, meant as a summer retreat and potential retirement home down the line.
But we have the great pleasure of using it the most.
We kind of consider it our own.
(Shhh, don’t tell grandma.)
Except we don’t pay for it.
Crazy, huh??
Yeah, it’s a sweet deal.

Your grandma threatens to sell it about every other week.
But once we get you up here and she sees how much you love it, we know we’ll secure it in the family forever.
So do us a favor and be extra cute when you’re up here with your grandma.
Maybe take your first step here or say your first word or something like that.
It’s gotta be something big.

We NEED this, little man.
And you can bring it home for us.
We believe in you.

PS. Just kidding on that whole conception thing. We don’t know where your little fetal life began.
But it certainly wasn’t in grandma’s bed. That’d be too weird.

March 29, 2013   3 Comments

Countdown to Lil’ G: Week 23

May you be a straight shooter like your Uncle Adam, my little man.
(But maybe without the pop culture knowledge…)

That Uncle Adam, he’s really mixing up the gene pool.
Sometimes when your dad and I talk about what you’ll be like, your dad says,
You never know…I mean, you’ve got some of Adam’s genes in you…

Don’t get me wrong, your Uncle Adam’s got some great qualities–he’s quite funny, definitely fun-loving, surprisingly tender-hearted, ambitious (in the anything-to-get-rich way…a pro and con perhaps?), highly loyal (if he liked you in the first place), adventurous, and quite the charming little social butterfly when he wants to be.

But man, he gave your grandparents a run for their money.
Quite the dare devil that one was.
Maybe let’s just leave it at that. I don’t want you getting any ideas.
Come to think of it, we might have to seclude you from Uncle Adam for the teen years…it just might be too risky.

Since we’re talking about Uncle Adam, we might as well publicly wish him happy birthday.
He turned 31 yesterday.
He’s old.
But I think you’ll still think he’s cool.

But not too cool, ok?
Mama doesn’t want to relive those teen years.

March 20, 2013   4 Comments