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blogger pet peave.

Blogger pet peave number 1…well, maybe number 2 because number 1 has to be this stealing identities/stealing posts phenomenon of which I was unaware…but number 2 is people who comment on or “follow” your blog simply so that you will comment/follow back. Usually people are kind of sneaky about this, but I came across a shockingly blatant one today and I know this sounds exaggerated, but I was actually a little disgusted.

(But first a quick, shame-filled confession: I did have about 1.5 days of my blogging life where I too, feeling self-conscious about my lackluster number of followers, clicked around to different blogs and just threw up a quick comment hoping that my fellow blogger would return the favor. I lost interest after about 6 of them. And then felt so dirty and ashamed like an hour later, like I cheated and defiled the system.)

Anyway, there’s the plank outta my eye so now I’m gonna harp all over the speck in other peoples’…

So yeah, I was looking at the comments on a friend’s blog and someone wrote something painfully generic like, Nice blog. and then followed it with, Wanna follow each other? Initially I was just a little put off thinking, Who is that blatant with their intentions??! I mean, everyone knows that people do this, but generally you don’t spell it out that plainly. You at least want to pretend that you have genuine interest in the person.

So, out of curiosity, I clicked on this person’s blog (I know, falling right into the trap, right??!?). They had a couple hundred followers and like 50 comments on their latest post so I thought, Ok, maybe I judged too harshly. It’s not like the person has only 10 followers and is just trying to inflate numbers. 

I extended grace too soon.

Don’t ask me why I spent 5 minutes of my life doing this (I am just too stinkin’ curious), but I clicked on those 50 comments and quickly scrolled through them and wouldn’t you know almost every single one was a variation of, Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I’d love to follow you if you follow me. Let’s follow each other!

WHAT?!?!?!? Why would you want a whole host of phoney followers to inflate your numbers?!!? Just so in 6 months you can charge $20/month for people to sponsor you? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Wouldn’t it be so much more rewarding to create a genuine blog with good content simply for yourself? And if loads of people find it and love it, then great, but if not, that’s fine too because at the end of the day, it’s for you. This whole infecting the blog system with low level spam isn’t working for me. I find it annoying.

For me personally, I mostly read blogs from people I know. I have a few outliers, like this gal who has the most adorable kids, throws killer (looking) parties, is brutally honest about her marriage, and is just hilarious, or the above linked to gal who is also honest and hilarious but mostly, I just like a little glimpse into the lives of people who I know in real life. And if you’re on my blogroll and I don’t personally know you, it’s because I think you are particularly funny or interesting or creative. Not because I just want you to follow me back.

There’s my soapbox for the day.



1 bryan { 08.19.11 at 9:38 pm }

You don’t follow the Alexej blog? Why should Alexej follow you, yes? I think you have your principles all wrong if you think Alex will follow you with you not being able to follow his writings. That is all

2 Lindsey { 08.20.11 at 10:55 pm }

Ewww…that link you posted for pet peeve #1 is creepy! And yes…bloggers who try to be bigger and better than they really are drive me nuts. I love your blog. And I don’t care if you read mine or not! :) (although I’m wondering if that comment you made about my arms was on that day you commented on people’s blogs just to get them to write on yours! Although – you wouldn’t have had to do that to me, since I’m already always commenting on yours…)

3 Lisa { 08.21.11 at 7:20 pm }

HAHA, Lindsey! NO, your blog was NEVER included in my 7 totally random posts and my comment about your arms was completely legit! I have started “lifting” (wayyy to strong a word, but you know what I mean) arms now because of you… :) Maybe I’ll have to post the progress in a couple months. :)

4 bryan { 08.21.11 at 7:51 pm }

I didn’t know you had started lifting weights! That’s super.

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