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another perplexing fashion trend. help me out, people.

I know that I’m always a bit behind on the newest fashion craze and sometimes I am completely perplexed by said craze (ummm, remember the SOCKS with OPEN-TOED heels fiasco?), so forgive me for my late-bloomer status here as well, but rompers? Why are they in? I was doing a little online browsing this morning (don’t worry Jer, just browsing…) because, well, spring’s coming and even I am excited to get out of my hoodie and uggs. I came across these at shopruche and they are ALL sold out. SOLD OUT, I say. Who’s buying them up? And more importantly, why?

(Confession: I have a sailor infatuation so a teeeeeny part of me does have a soft spot for the last one…so 1950s sailor girl…)

JCrew has the winner in this category though with this nearly $300 denim disaster (props to Emily for finding and questioning this one a full month ago…told you I’m always a little late to the fashion party…)

Personally, I think JCrew (and Gap for the middle one) should stick with these far classier looks…my kinda style…


1 Nicole Puz { 03.09.11 at 9:57 am }

ick ick ick! DISLIKE!!! What are people thinking?!
I do like those 3 outfits at the bottom though… umm I say we go on a shopping spree! Right after we win the mega bucks ;)

2 bryan { 03.09.11 at 12:17 pm }

I paid a lot more attention to the looks on the models’ faces this time. And also tried to make judgments about whether they ‘skinny’, ‘too skinny’ or ‘way too skinny’. This must mean I’m making progress.

3 Jer { 03.09.11 at 1:07 pm }

Bryan, I am astonished by your progress and humbled at the same time. I, foolishly, focused only on the outfits until I read your comments. I am ashamed.

On another note, these rompers may be worse than the hideous heels/socks combo. At least I like heels and socks when they are kept a safe distance from one another. I like nothing about the rompers, in part or whole. And that denim jumpsuit works only if you’re a mechanic or a painter.

4 Erica { 03.09.11 at 4:27 pm }

Hi! I’m
Back to your blog. ;)
And hahaha… I do really like the top ones. I almost bought one today, the shorts kind, but I gave up shopping for lent….
I do love weird fashion trends, not to weird, but the ones you walk out with confidence. I would actually wear all of those…

I guess everyone has different tastes right? Hehehe.

I might make you try one on, with the right accessories, cardi and contrast shoes…. I think you would rock it!

5 Erica { 03.09.11 at 4:30 pm }

I do hate the denim jumpsuit though

6 Lisa { 03.09.11 at 5:59 pm }

Nicole, yes to the shopping spree and double yes to the mega bucks!

Erica, first off–YAY you’re back to the blog! Second, I LOVE you!! I got such a kick out of this comment and yes indeed everyone does have different tastes…and considering all of these (sans the denim disaster) are sold out, it seems you are in the majority. :)

Something tells me even with the right accessories, etc. I wouldn’t be pulling it off…but who knows… :)

7 Jer { 03.09.11 at 7:27 pm }

Why didn’t you respond to Bryan and me? Gender hate. Lame.

8 bryan { 03.09.11 at 10:57 pm }


Jerry makes a pair of wise points with a nice dosing of perspective and humility. The first point, I believe, hints at something that I myself only came to realize this very day, that it’s not until you start to dissect and judge the appearance and weight of any fashion model that you can begin to understand what it means to be human. Like me, he feels some shame of his lack of awareness of these grave issues. I now see and see where I need to change. My eyes have been opened, and I now finally “understand”.

After coming with the truth in regard to his own blindness about the meaning and purpose of fashion, does he simply call it a day? Most any man would. But not Jer.

With near reckless abandon but determined fidelity to principle he goes further! Why? Was it an attempt to outdo himself or, perhaps, even break the all-time human record for just “being real wit it”? Why? Why? Why does Mt Everest exist? Exactly. Because every man dies but not every man really lives… That’s freaking why!

Jer steps forth with comment number two. He boldly calls out the anti-male/anti-family-member bias in the blogger’s response to comments. This has, sadly, been an open secret among Casting Dock regulars for a some time and, considering the day’s other eyesopen epiphany about the importance of judging models, the callout of this unregulated haterade was especially meaningful for me on a personal level.

It was, for Jerry, a masterful display of economical commenting that will shatter paradigms and challenge preconceptions. For me, it was, simply, a moment. Today I am more fully able to appreciate openness and honesty than I would have been at any previous moment in my life. (I am also more able to appreciate adipose tissue.) Two cats have been let out of their bags today.

And where there was darkness there is now only the light of the truth.

9 Noche { 03.09.11 at 11:04 pm }

Hey Jerry…. maybe the rompers need to be separated…identical tops and shorts never to mate again. Maybe they can each begin new relationships with the shoes or socks. Oh, and that denim jumpsuit is an insult to any respectable painter/mechanic.

10 Mama Logan { 03.10.11 at 7:34 am }

OK Everyone – I just have to tell you – Lisa knows how much I enjoy her blog. I think I am one of the first to check it EARLY each morning. But I have to tell the rest of you – I enjoy the comments just as much. The comments posted yesterday by ALL of you – especially Bryan and Jerry (yes, that’s my son!) – have started my day off with a HUGE smile on my face! THANK YOU ALL!

11 Jer { 03.11.11 at 8:01 am }

Bryan, I am blown away by you. I think we’ve put the author of this blog in her place. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

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