The Casting Dock

Casting the Vision

So what exactly is this blog about, you ask?

Grrrrreat question.

Although I am still not entirely sure what direction I want this blog to take, I do have a glimpse of vision at least: casting bread. I have been particularly struck lately by the verse in Ecclesiastes that says, “Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again.” There is something really peaceful and life-giving in the notion of offering up what you have in the assurance of faith that God will bring it back to you, oftentimes in a fuller, more rewarding way than you could have possibly envisioned.  So while I am not on a boat in the middle of the ocean choosing to trust God to provide while I cast my physical sustenance on the water, I am standing on the dock of life trying to be faithful and obedient in relying on Him for my daily needs and the deeper desires of my heart.

So in some ways this blog will be about my own journey of faithfulness as I seek to cast my bread daily. And more importantly, I suspect that it will also be about God’s faithfulness to bring it back to me in deeper, more satisfying, and surprising ways. 

And let’s not forget that I just enjoy processing life, so I’m sure there will be a good deal of my own random musings about this, that, and the other.