The Casting Dock

A truly lazy day

When the view outside your apartment window looks like this…(again!),

you can betcha the view inside looks like this…(plus sweat pants and a blanket…)

A quick trip to Traders to stock up on my faves followed by hour after hour of my nose stuck in this book encapsulates my Saturday. Sure, the to-do list was tossed to the wayside, and I maybe only managed to throw on a pair of jeans for the Traders run, but for a cozy day to plow through an unexpectedly good book with tasty munchies by my side, I’ll accept my sloth status and make the trade! Working on that whole “being productive” thing with my Sunday…

How’s your weekend?


1 jenna { 02.27.11 at 9:37 pm }

just mango slices are my faaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite.

2 Mama Logan { 02.28.11 at 12:57 pm }

I had a WONDERFUL weekend! I enjoyed 70 degree weather – with my windows open – even did a little scrapbooking on the computer! WOOHOO!

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