The Casting Dock

A slice of writing heaven for which my husband would go wild.

By golly, I’ve done it! It’s perfection–perfection, I say! A flawless fusing of the deepest desires of both husband and wife in one opulent (yet still somehow demure) package. In the words of one of my favorite college professors, It is indeed a glorious day.

Allow me to explain.

I came across the following images today and thought to myself, Alas, the perfect gift (someday) for Jer. Tuck this one away in your memory. See, my husband is truly a man of simple pleasures–very unassuming, easily satisfied, and often content. One such simple pleasure is the craft of creating via writing. He loves to write and loves having his own little nook of space in which to do so. Considering our entire apartment right now is just a notch larger than a nook, he doesn’t really have a designated space as his own. He just takes his laptop and a chair and uses his bedside table, simply writing by lamplight and the whir of his trusted fan. The man doesn’t even have a desk.

But then I came across these: tiny, unpretentuous, and often very secluded writing huts used by many renowned authors. Talk about a space free from the noise and distraction of daily life, a space in which one is able to focus on truly molding his craft. And I thought to myself, Jerry would go wild over one of these!

Roald Dahl’s writing hut. I am in love with the little English cottage look. That bright yellow door? A-dorable.

Mark Twains’ writing hut.

Dylan Thomas’ writing hut. Sure, the inside could use a little updating, but I adore the old white wood paneling, standard wood desk, abundance of natural light, and photos pinned to the wall for inspiration. I could do a lot with these sturdy bones. This one’s my fave. And, you can’t tell, but it is hilltop overlooking the ocean. Boom shock.

George Bernard Shaw’s writing hut. Again with the white wood paneling. Heaven.

A cute little writing hut would seriously be heavenly for Jer, but an even better option that would give back copiously to us both? Yes, yes, that’s when I found this: the perfect fusing of my tree house dream with his writing hut. Somethin’ for each of us…though we’d have to tack on a zipline, right?

Tell me that’s a trundle indoor-outdoor bed! Yup, she’s the winner. Ring her up!

images: 1. & 2. Re-nest | 3. View from the Library Window | 4. Shedworking | 5. The Way of Improvement Leads Home

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1 Jer { 03.04.11 at 1:13 pm }

I think Dahl’s takes the cake here: good space, beautiful countryside, quirky yellow door. Thomas’s looks pleasant as well, all except for the chair missing two planks in its back–his writing must have taken on an increasingly dark and painful tone after those planks fell out.

I’ve never found my optimal writing zone in terms of a physical space, but I know it lies in my future. Of course, one probably has to make some money off of his writing first in order to justify ownership of a writing hut.

I still think the last tree house picture in this post ( is the best writing space I’ve seen on this blog. And yeah, I just linked to the Casting Dock within a post on the same website. I dare someone to click it.

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