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a quick update.

A few life happenings ’round here. Well, first off–life sure is happening and it is happening fast.  I have promised myself multiple times that I won’t be one of those people always talking about how I can’t believe it’s already April or already 2012 or already my child’s 8th birthday, etc. Life happens and as the years pile on, they only come faster. We all know it so I won’t dwell on it.

But as a reminder that time is flying–Jerry’s best friend from high school AND best friend from college both just announced that they are expecting their first child…BOTH due in September! We are beyond thrilled for both of them (and their wives, of course).

Anyhow…some quick life updates…

Jerry has been a busy little beaver at work these days. Pretty much every Monday as I am getting ready for work I tell him that I have job envy. He has a pleasant little 8 minute commute down back roads, he works on a beautiful campus with bustling college students and highly quality character-rich people, and generally his hours are pretty predictable. Well, he has been preparing for the college’s 10-year reaccreditation visit which is happening this upcoming week so he’s been putting in some loooooong hours both at work and at home. So this Monday as I am enjoying a lovely April vacation morning, I certainly won’t be experiencing that usual envy.

Despite my Monday envy, I really still love my job. It has been a MUCH more challenging transition from my last school to my new school than I anticipated (I am currently covering my second longterm maternity leave position as an elementary school counselor), but I am so thankful to remain in the same district and to get to work with funny little kids. I think I just underestimated how attached I had become to the kids (and staff!) in my last school.

We received a surprise package the other day (pictured above). My brother sent us a whole case of Topo Chico, the Mexican mineral water sweeping my hometown. To say I am savoring them would be an understatement. Thanks Bry!

Jerry FINALLY made it down to Peet’s coffee! Despite drinking this stuff every morning, he had never been to the actual coffee shop in Cambridge. It legitimately was on his goals list for 2012…crossed that one off last weekend. And we got some Pinkberry while we were at it because it’s just that ridiculously good.

Speaking of goals, we booked our tickets to London for the summer! I am going to start planning itineraries today.

Happy Sunday to you all…and to those in the northeast, it’s a GORGEOUS one!!


1 Craig W { 04.16.12 at 11:10 am }

I love, love, LOVE the photo of you with the coffee cup, L. Love the backlighting, love the expression in your eyes. J did well. And speaking of J, he has well hidden his preference not be photographed. The last photo, after all the words, is pretty darn cute, too; proof that you don’t always have to look at the camera.

2 Bryan { 05.05.12 at 11:19 pm }

I Like the Little Things…


Sweet Meg Ryan comedies, especially When Harry Met Sally
Urban outfitters… Mainly for anthropolgie (luv it)
Topo, no compuesta!!
Seasons 3-6 of ST:TNG
Happy Monday drives to work in nice weather
Practicing playing my tuba… But I hate cleaning it.
Just browsing FB each day to check out cool pics and see what everyone is doing!
Berries. I know, I know…so u original
Writing reviews on so that others can learn of opinions
Also editing wiki entries in my spare time…. Somebody’s got to do it!
Guilty pleasure: running into celebs, other than Sandra bullock. Come on, Sandra quit hanging out at my hot spots.
Playing sports of all kinds, particularly rollerblading and Halo
Shopping online.
Accessories for men. I mean I am definitely your quintessential metrosexual male with straight white teeth.
Keeping it reals.
Spending time with my brothers adorable little pup Lola
Inventing new slang and popularizing it through my celebrity retweeters on Twitter.
Spike Lee movies. I don’t care, they keep getting better to me!
NFL fantasy football. If you’re a guy and you’d play in a league… Boy, I dont know.
Ainsley Hayes

Ahhhhh…. I said I like the little things.

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