The Casting Dock

A (mostly photographic) birthday message to that adorable husband of mine.


1 Rhonda { 01.24.11 at 7:46 am }

What a sweet post. I love the picture of you guys at your mom’s at Christmas. So cute…just like the two of you! Happy B-day Jerry!

2 Lindsey { 01.24.11 at 7:55 am }

Awww! I love it! Great post for a great guy! Happy Birthday, Jerry!

3 Craig W { 01.24.11 at 11:35 am }

Ok, I’m just going to dump the little conversation I had with myself about the B&W photo that I will title “Public Garden – 1837″. Here goes:

“I *love* that! I wonder if it’s an engagement photo. It ‘s looks a little staged. I mean they look more like they are trying not to laugh than trying to kiss. But is is a *great* photo.”

My compliments to the photographer.

4 Craig W { 01.24.11 at 11:38 am }

The Italy photo has a lot goin’ for it, too.

5 bryan { 01.24.11 at 12:53 pm }

Happy Birthday Jerry!

6 Craig W { 01.24.11 at 1:24 pm }

Do you think your Jerry could play Jesse Eisenberg playing Mark Zuckerberg? I mean if he had a soft, little perm.

7 Terri { 01.24.11 at 1:35 pm }

What a lovely tribute for Jerry’s birthday! Give that boy a birthday hug for me.

8 Lisa { 01.24.11 at 1:39 pm }

Yeah, Public Gardens 1837 was one of our engagement photos…though not one that we “use” that often (ie. we don’t have that picture around the apt or anything)…but I think Jer looks so sweet in it. Jesse Eisenberg….ehhhh…may be a bit of a stretch…mostly because Jerry is too tall and skinny…but with longer, permed hair, I could see it. A little. ;)

Mrs. Woods–you know I will!!

9 noche { 01.24.11 at 10:06 pm }

I love all the Jerry photos! You’ve got yourself a winner Lisa…a keeper as they say!!

10 bryan { 01.24.11 at 10:42 pm }

Noche wouldn’t say, “Happy Birthday Jerry!”


11 k&c's mom { 01.25.11 at 12:37 am }

Happy Birthday, Jerry. Your wife did a wonderful job on this post. We all want to be in your family now. When shall we start arriving?

12 Beau { 01.26.11 at 9:24 pm }

I like Jerry too.

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