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A Day of Celebration…

When I first started this blog about a month ago, there were a few days that I found myself instantly anticipating: one of those days is today! Today is my oldest brother Bryan’s birthday. Despite being over 6 years apart, Bryan and I have always had a very close relationship. I love him in a way unlike I love anyone else–he is just one of my absolute favorite people and someone with whom I share a unique bond.

(he’s the second one from the left in the above photo of me, my brothers, and my cousins)

Here are some fun facts about Bryan: 

1. He started his own internet business in 1997, the year after his freshman year of college. I was his only employee (I was 12 years old), we ran the operation out of his bedroom, and he made something like $6,000 in his first month (somehow I remember my check only being somewhere around $100 though…hmmm).

2. He LOVES basketball, particularly the Celtics, and NBA draft day is nearly a holiday for him.

3. He’s quick witted and charming when he wants to be and he’s surprisingly tender-hearted.

4. He is the brains of my family. No offense to my other family members, myself included, but Bryan is clearly the most naturally gifted and intelligent member of my family.

5. As kids, he and my brother Adam once constructed a rocket launcher from online instructions and shot it out their bedroom window. Bryan was probably about 14 at the time and Adam was around 11. Don’t worry–no one was injured.  It just whizzed around for a while and then fell, though their bedroom, I hear, was filled with smoke from the launch.

6. He hates having his picture taken because he thinks it’s offensive to watch us all just “get older, fatter, and balder” through the picture progression…hence the lack of pictures in this post.

7. He is one of the few people I can always go to when I need to debrief or process family dynamics–he always listens and pretty much always understands where I’m coming from.

8. He was my number one fan throughout my middle school and high school years playing basketball. He came to almost all my games and then thoroughly debriefed them with me afterwards.

9. He has a reputation for attempting to start some new trends, such as using your pinky finger instead of your index finger to point to something (yes, it looked as ridiculous as it sounds).  They are always complete failures, but the process is quite amusing.

10. He is almost entirely responsible for everything related to this blog, except for the content of the posts, of course.  He saved me dozens of hours by setting it up for me and altering the code when I wanted the layout to look differently from the pre-determined configuration (THANK YOU, Bry!). He is also my number one reader.

I love you Bry and am SO thankful to call you my brother (he’s the one on the left).



1 Mama Logan { 11.23.10 at 6:22 pm }

Happy Birthday, Bryan! Hope you have a wonderful day!

2 Jer { 11.23.10 at 9:27 pm }

Happy birthday to the B-R-Y-G-U-Y.

I did not know about the rocket launcher episode. I DID, however, know about the failed trendsetting initiatives…Face. Fall. Flat.

3 Bryan { 11.24.10 at 3:07 am }

Gee thanks Lis!

That’s a very flattering number of attributes you’ve assigned to me, minus the unwritten intimation that I have actually become old, fat and bald, a point I am not ready to concede! Though I will certainly stand by my original contention. I am most surely, “older, fatter, and balder” but there’s a lot of fight left in me.

I just took a picture of myself to show the world, and it should post below!

I am very grateful to have you as my sister. Your basketball games were always a highlight for me. You always made me proud. It wasn’t always easy for me to make it to those games but you were always worth it. And it was exciting to get the chance to witness your great success. Unfortunately, when the inverse occurred and you attended my basketball games, there was little excitement or pride. I remember you told me, I think attempting to cheer me up, that it wasn’t my fault… it was just that I wasn’t a “full court player” and I think I concurred while taking a drag on a cigarette. (Note: Kids don’t smoke; I don’t even smoke anymore and smoking used to be cool.)

Another point of contention: I _am_ a noted trendsetter. You point out that none of the many sayings and affectations that I have innovated have ever caught on in any way, shape or form. So very few have noted…. But I think this misses the point. It is just that my trendiness has yet to become trendy. I tend to think that I’ll end up being a lot like the actor Jack Nicholson. Jack had been working as an actor for more than ten years before his breakout film, Easy Rider, came out in 69 and he became famous. Jack was 32 that year, just like me!

And, since that film, he’s been nominated for an academy award in every decade since — 60′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s,00′s — so I am predicting massive adoption of at least one B.F.S. mannerism, saying or styling per decade for the next 40 or so years. If this does not come to pass, you can mention the fact of the failure in 2050 (not before).

Anyhows, it can be tough being me. But I try to keep it all in proper perspective. I know that not every match will beget a forest fire and there have been failures along the way. But I am lucky to have a wonderful family and I am glad and happy that you are my sister.

Reading this blog post reminds me that you and Adam (along with a very short list of other oldtimers) are irreplaceable in my life. Mary Schmich famously wrote: “Be nice to your siblings; they are the best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future.” I imagine at some point that we all will be old and fat and bald. Except you; you will never be entirely bald nor fat nor will you age. (Though I will love you even if this proves untrue.) But I expect that in 40 years I will be able to call you anytime and you will be happy to take my call. For sure I will always take yours.

Thank you for saying Happy Birthday.

And also, to repeat, I am not that fat, old or bald.


4 Rhonda { 11.24.10 at 2:56 pm }

Loved reading the sentiments between you and Bryan. You are blessed beyond measure in having this type of relationship. Your mom did good! In my fifty some odd number of years I have never had a sibling that loved me or that I could count on. Only one that tolerated me on occasion. I think family is so important, especially sibling relationships. I know you are married and live far away from your brothers, but I encourage you to continue to nurture those relationships because it is a treasure to have.

5 noche { 12.02.10 at 9:24 pm }

See Bry…I told you Lisa liked you!!!

6 adam { 01.02.11 at 5:38 pm }

There are factual inaccuracies contained in #1 and #4 above.

#1 – I was actually the first employee (and VP for that matter) of VOT Internet Enterprises (although I was forced to adopt the moniker Tim Davies because our CEO thought the company would appear more legitimate if all employees weren’t named Stabile)

#4 – please clearly indicate that this is purely your own subjective assessment and in no way reflects overall family sentiment, universal public opinion, nor has this been categorically proven (via standardized testing, etc). Additionally, the basis for this personal opinion is undoubtedly skewed due to the author’s inequitable distribution of relationship / time toward the elder brother.

7 Lisa { 01.02.11 at 8:33 pm }


1. Fair enough. You technically were the VP, though a title held for less than a month didn’t seem to warrant a shout-out. My apologies.

4. You are welcome to question, and as a member of this family, you certainly get a vote…so who would you choose? And, just to say, I actually do think we probably have lots of standardized test info to corroborate this “opinion” of mine…childhood gifted classifications, SATs, IQ tests, etc. But nevertheless, I’d love to hear your vote…

8 bryan { 01.26.11 at 11:38 am }

Adam is the smartest because he makes the most money. There, settled.

While I took your original post in stride and appreciated the compliment, I’m not sure that you are totally correct — though, does it matter? The three kids are all more intelligent than average certainly. And the measurement of general intelligence takes so many things into consideration… Being verbally facile can create the appearance of intelligence. The opposite is also true. GWB was quite inarticulate yet scored over 1200 on the old SAT (about 1300 today) which puts him easily in the top 10% of intelligence, some psychometricians would say 5% or even 3%. But he was a clumsy speaker. Which is sort of beside the point. Just that it explains why people believe he is a stupid man… which testing definitively proves that he is not

Truth is, I am less intelligent than I used to be. Because I’ve taken various reasoning tests with sufficient samplesize, I can measure the ranking of my scores accurately against my peers. Looking at the trendlines my scores have dropped. I was probably smartest when I was 16 or 17. In my junior year I took PSAT with 1,000,000+ other college hopefuls and know exactly where I ranked out.

Similarly testing years later showed slippage in significant areas. My attention span, visuospatial abilities, etc. are not what they were. My vocab remains unchanged… not a surprise.

Anyway, who’s to say who is the smartest… Lisa, you’re smart, and Adam is intelligent and also socially adept in many ways, which you are as well but in a less -back-slappy way.

Anyway, who knows.

I am looking forward to eating the deluxe breakfast in store for me downstairs. Totally psyched about it. Full breakfast!!!

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