The Casting Dock

60 years young

Dad, you have a refreshingly even-keeled temperament, a great sense of humor, and a knack for telling entertaining stories.  You are generous, patient, and kind-hearted. You have a youthful spirit (and I’m not saying that just to “be nice” since I know you’re not loooooving the fact that you’ve hit the 6-0 mark…it really is true) and you genuinely want to see others succeed. 

Our father-daughter relationship may not always have been easy.  There mayyyy have been a pretty difficult decade there in the middle of my life where I had so many questions and confusions and felt disconnected from you. I think back on that time, now within the scope of our entire relationship, and I am so thankful for the perspective.  I am so thankful to see that time as the valley of a relationship that ultimately has so sharply turned upwards, instead of as a plateau categorizing the entirety of our relationship. 

So, thank you for the honest, though difficult, talks over the years.  And thanks for your patience and understanding in the process. I am so grateful for all of our time spent together over the years and I truly do look forward to many more years of long chats, hearty laughs, and lasting memories.

I love you. And I’m so grateful to call you my Dad.


Hey, Goose called–he wants his shades back…


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