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a stroll down memory lane, also known as acorn street…

Almost five years ago Jerry and I took our engagement pictures on this cute little side street in Beacon Hill.

Last weekend we found ourselves once again strolling down this same street while out on a walk with some of our closest friends following Stephanie June’s January wedding.

The walk, coupled with Jerry’s 28th birthday a few days ago, has really put me in a reflective mood.

I started his birthday card this year saying, “I knew you’d be good when I married you. Sweet and loyal and reliable. Just solid. But I certainly did not foresee just how good. You are so genuine and self-sacrificing in your care, concern, and love for me. I feel valued and appreciated every day, from your words to your actions both large and small…I really hit the jackpot with you and I am beyond blessed and grateful to say that I love you and I love our marriage more now than when I said ‘I do’…” I’ll spare you the rest of the mushy details, but in re-reading my card this morning, I am reminded that every single one of those mushy details rings true.

I’ve mentioned it on here before, but I have a morbid streak in me. This odd belief that if I spend time thinking about terrible things that could happen, then if they ever do happen, I’ll be in some small measure better prepared. It’s weird and I genuinely do a good job cutting myself off early because really, talk about counter-productive and depressing and fear-inducing. Not cool. Anyhow, whenever I think about something happening to Jerry, which of course is take-my-breath-away devastating even just playing out in my mind, I take solace in one small thing: not a day goes by that I am not actively thankful and appreciative for the man he is, the husband he is, and the marriage we have. So often we don’t fully and appropriately cherish the things we have until they are gone. With him, however, I am keenly aware every moment of what a good thing I’ve got going. And I seriously thank God every day.

Oh Jerome, you’re such a doll. Happy (belated) birthday!

January 27, 2013   6 Comments