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men and boys. one and the same.

I just have to ask:

When does the male species outgrow potty humor?

We had an eight year old at school the other day who urinated outside at recess. He went semi near the trees, but was mostly just out there in the open, too lazy or preoccupied, to just go inside like all the rest of the munchkins. He then proceeded to grab a handful of the wet sand, now clearly mud, on the baseball diamond, squat down, and pretend to poop it out his backside with his friend looking on.

When I told this story to my husband, his response (while laughing, of course)?

Boys are awesome.

I mean, granted, I found this story a little humorous as well, because kids simply are just hilarious and so random at times, but the bigger question is WHAT. IS. IT. WITH. MALES. AND. POTTY. HUMOR?!!? Do they ever outgrow it? How is human excrement so fascinatingly funny?

And while I’m on men and the things they don’t outgrow: what the deuce is up with their love for video games?

I asked Jerry the other day when guys outgrow the video game phase, crossing my fingers that it was somewhere around 27. Never, he says. NEVER?!!? Really? Will this generation of guys always enjoy video games? sigh. I know I have an unhealthy infatuation with my distaste for the video game, particularly for men over 21 years of age, but really? Are they that enjoyable? double sigh.

I already know I’m going to be that annoying mom who doesn’t let my kids eat sugary cereal, bans soda, and won’t buy them a gaming system.

I’m pretty sure Jerry, lover of coke and Play Station, is cringing right now, preparing long in advance for the parenting “disagreements” we are going to have down the line…


October 30, 2011   7 Comments

a few fall happenings

Fall in New England is truly unlike any other. Even though the leaves have been lackluster this year (relatively speaking), it is nevertheless a breathtakingly beautiful part of the country at the BEST time of year.

The perks of living in New England, especially in the fall, are BOUNTIFUL. Chief among them: farms. Farms with fresh roadside produce, apple picking, corn mazes, hot apple cider donuts, hayrides, pumpkin picking, and lots and lots of aminals for the chitlins.

I CANNOT WAIT to have a youngin’ of my own to tote around farmstands and orchards in the fall. Crisp air, fresh produce, kids in longsleeves and vests with little runny noses. Such a cozy time of year.

WOW. I’m having a little baby bug moment. Weird. (and no, I’m not pregnant or anywhere near it.)

Anyway, I do just love the fall festivities around these parts.

I got to spend this past Saturday in Cambridge with my college roommate. She’s a regular on this ole blog in part because I love her and in part because, unlike some of my other dear friends and my sweet husband, she loves the camera just as much as the camera loves her. So I don’t get the typical get that camera out of my face look from her.

The Head of the Charles Regatta was this weekend which meant lots and lots of people, skinny little boats with spandex-clad rowers, and a pleasant day on the Charles River.

October 23, 2011   3 Comments

If you’re looking for me these days…

…odds are, you’ll find me here:

Nearly 14 hours door-to-door and back again today. Sheeesh.

I really am working on those boundaries and that whole “self-care” thing that my professors harped on and on about in grad school, but that pesky little perfectionist in me struggles to leave too many balls hanging in the air  (figuratively, of course…though my rainbow paper lanterns make that analogy a bit confusing…ha!).

Luckily, I love my job and I really love my kids. It may be busy, hectic, and at times overwhelming, but at least I genuinely like it.

Praise the Lord, right?

I couldn’t imagine all those hours on something I didn’t at least like.

PS. Our school-wide positive behavior system is based off of Kathryn Otoshi’s book One(“Be the One” is our theme…in case that wasn’t clear by the giant letters/1 pinned to my wall…). I highly recommend it for anyone working with younger kids! The themes are concrete and our kids have really gotten it.

October 12, 2011   2 Comments

columbus day highlights

Say hello to my mom, y’all.

She’s an energetic, fun-loving 60 year old, but ever since she hit the big 5-0 mark, she’s been obsessed with the idea of bringing back a little youth via a facelift. So every once in a while she yanks the skin back on the sides of her face, turns to me and says, “How about this, Lis?” This weekend was no exception.

I tell her I think she looks like a fish and she should just stroll into aging gracefully cuz she’s holding up alright for 60. I think she likes the fish though.

Anyway, she was up for the long weekend and it’s the first time I’ve seen her in the year 2011 (gasp!)–longest stretch in my life without a little mom time. We spent some quality family time in Maine with my aunt and uncle. And Jerome, of course.

He still doesn’t like that lens in his face, but he obliged.

I think my Uncle Wes, for as much as he enjoys having me around, is probably pretty glad that he escaped a daughter of his own. While he was certainly a good sport, I don’t think he enjoyed the camera in his face either (he and Jerry are kindred spirits) and I certainly don’t think he enjoyed the incessant question asking/processing/debriefing that occurs with a table or car full of women.

I can’t say that our photo shoot was an A+ experience for Uncle Wes either…but with much prodding, I finally got a winner of these two:

Lastly, it should be noted that this weekend a giant host of my friends, led by my friend Keith, chipped in to buy my mom a new bike as a thank you for all of the times she has allowed us to stay at her house in Maine free of charge. She was completely shocked. COMPLETELY shocked. And she couldn’t stop talking about, showing off, and enjoying her bike all weekend. I’m pretty sure it was the cutest thing ever. Thanks Keith&Co. You really made her day. And mine.

October 10, 2011   5 Comments