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Grammar GLORY. The best laugh I’ve had by myself in a while.

I’ve admitted it before, but I’m one of those (semi-) obnoxious grammar sensitive people, always noticing, sometimes (judging and) correcting improper uses of the English language. I certainly don’t claim to be impervious to a grammar slip-up of my own (that would be my husband, the self-titled Grammarian in Residence and Royal Reader of the Proofs), but certain words are just on my radar screen. I generally don’t actually correct people (aside from my family, in a playfully obnoxious way) because I do have enough social awareness to know that it’s annoying and comes off as quite arrogant. But I always notice.

That being said, I get a GIANT kick out of other people correcting improper uses of grammar. Living vicariously through (slightly) less tactful people? Yes, indeed.

A friend posted a link to this on facebook (thanks, Sara!)–The 30 best obnoxious responses to misspellings on Facebook–and I must say, I found it HILARIOUS. Some of them are crude, so consider yourself duly warned if you choose to peruse the entire list, but I just haaaaad to snag a few to share on here. And we’re not really talking about just a missed letter on the keyboard…there are some blatant, I’m-really-concerned-about-the-state-of-our-education ones…

So I hope you have a few laughs with your morning coffee and then head out to enjoy a glorious Saturday!

{first 3 originally found via lamebook; last 3 originally found via failbook}

April 30, 2011   9 Comments

sexy again. it’s like more cowbell. you can never have enough.

remember our little chat about sexiness the other day?
well, try this one on for size.

husband on all fours cleaning the nasss-taayy, hasn’t-been-cleaned-in-weeks kitchen floor.
not only cleaning, but cleaning with the hand-held vacuum cleaner attachment to get all the nooks and crannies.
‘member that whole better person thing?
yeah. toldya.

as if the thought of a man hand-cleaning the kitchen floor isn’t sexy enough…

yeah, that should do it.
watch yo’self, ladies.
those bedroom eyes belong to me.

Editor’s note: I was under the impression that was his (faux) “sexy face.” I’ve just been informed that those are his “angry eyes.” We’ve been married almost 3 years. Clearly we have got to work on our non-verbal communication.

April 27, 2011   4 Comments

a letter from a disgruntled neighbor.

Dear He Who Shall Not Be Named,

And no, I’m actually not talking about Lord Voldemort.

I would say I’m not that nerdy to actually write a letter to a fictional villian (from a kid’s wizarding book, nonetheless) on my blog, but we all know that’s not true. In fact, I award you one Schrute-buck

if you did assume I was speaking of Voldemort because 1. I am just that nerdy, 2. Harry Potter is awesome, 3. it means that you know He Who Shall Not Be Named is synonymous with Voldemort which therefore means you are a fellow Potter-enthusiast…or at the very least are Potter-literate, and 4. Schrute-bucks are essentially worthless so it wouldn’t cost me anything anyways.

Anyhow, it’s not about Voldemort or Schrute-bucks, so I really need to hop off my Potter/I-am-Office-obsessed horse here and carry on.

Let’s try this again:

Dear He Who Shall Not Be Named,

You smoke pot in our apartment building. Given the age of this house, as you might imagine there are many cracks and crevices for various odors, such as your pot fumes, to seep through and diffuse into the rest of the inhabitants’ living spaces. Our little apartment’s fortifications have held these foul forces at bay rather admirably; but, when I step into the hallway and head down the staircase, I am reminded that these once neutral territories are now under your sway. And sadly, I am quickly disabused of the fanciful notion that I am actually inhaling nice, clean air. Please go assault someone else’s castle. There is only one Pot-man I welcome here. His name is Harry and he is The Chosen One. Thanks.

April 26, 2011   12 Comments

city springtime. sorta.

April 25, 2011   7 Comments