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’tis the season!

Maybe jumped the gun a little bit on that last one. But I’m holding out hope that the Nor’ Easter heading our way for Friday will be our last of the season. Then it’s on to bigger, BRIGHTER, and warmer things.

The seasons of spring are (slowly) creeping their way in, but they’re coming nonetheless. Yesssssssssss.

March 31, 2011   7 Comments

Indian Princess.

This was just too good not to share. I alluded to it a couple weeks ago and even got a couple requests to share the goodness–the people wanted to see with their own two eyes. I couldn’t blame them.

Allow me to explain.

A couple weeks ago Jerry and I went to a birthday shindig that was themed as a Princess Party.

And it was legit.

Most people showed up in one of these fellas,

and two lovely ladies even dusted these guys off and gave ‘em another whirl.

So yeah, the people came to play. And they brought their A games.

This thang was fancaaaaaay and very classy. Old prom dresses, bridesmaids dresses, WEDDING gowns.

LE-GIT princess party. There was even organized waltzing. With a live violin.

And then there was Jenna.

Jenna decided that her party dress of choice was a $6.99 thrift store buy. And I couldn’t be happier that she did. It’s velvety, it’s velorey, it’s taffetta-y; it’s got all kindsa 80s prom written all over it. I must admit, there were about 7 seconds after she walked in the door that I thought, Wait, I’m positive that she’s definitely kidding, right? I double-checked in my mind–Is there any way this is legit?–before I just lost it.

I mean, didya see that bow in the back? It’s the real kicker.

Anyway, Jenna’s hilarious. She never takes herself too seriously and will go the extra mile to pull off an awesome prank or get a good laugh. She leads worship at my church and seriously has the best voice that I have ever heard in person. I am entranced when she sings. She’s going on a missions trip to India with our church this summer and is selling her music to raise money, so snag some songs and support this princess or just have a little listen and let the worries of your day melt away. Either way, she’ll dig sharing her tunes. I just know it.

Oh, and while we’re still riding the “All About Jenna” train, she’s got a nifty blog too. check it.

images: prom bridesmaid wedding

March 30, 2011   5 Comments

notes on prayer.

1. The idea of prayer is mind-boggling. If you believe in a sovereign God who intervenes in this world, the idea that we, as tiny, finite little beings, have the ability to speak directly to Him via prayer completely blows my mind. The idea that those prayers matter, that they are heard and in some mysterious way they actually make a difference, is perhaps even more mind-boggling.

2. Considering I believe what I just stated in #1, it’s sobering to know that I don’t spend significantly more time in prayer. See, I enjoy praying quite a bit. Ideally I like to have a quiet space to either journal or just speak aloud all my thoughts about the day, my triumphs and anxieties, both big and small, dreams for the future, prayers for others, etc. But I have found that when it comes to certain topics, the really big ones that can feel overwhelming to even think about, I can’t pray. I feel too paralyzed to pray. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, since these ones are the exact ones that need extra prayer, but I really struggle. I am so afraid that if I throw in 100% and really, devotedly pray in earnest for these things, and my prayers never come to fruition (as I envision them anyway), then I will be left to deal with the implications: does God not love me enough? Does He really not intervene in the way that I believe He does? Has my premise been flawed all along?

3.  The Bible describes the prayers of the saints as incense, a sweet aroma that is pleasing to God (Rev 5:8). I like that imagery.

4. Martin Luther, founder of the Lutheran Church, is quoted as once telling his barber, ”I generally pray two hours a day, except on very busy days. On those days I pray three.” Talk about a shift of perspective when it comes to time, prayer, and priorities. Something to aspire to, for sure.

5. Sometimes I feel convicted in groups of people when we’re going to pray before a meal or a celebration or something and there’s this long, awkward silence following the Who wants to pray? question. I just feel like if we really, truly believed that prayer was an active conversation with the living, all-powerful God, shouldn’t we each be eagerly desiring to be the one? What an honor to be the one representing the group as we bring our supplications to God. Why then is that question sometimes followed by a not-it nose touch? You know the one I’m talking about. Like uuuugh, I so don’t want to do this so the last one to touch his or her nose is stuck doing the typically undesirable task. How the nose became the symbol of choice, I don’t know, but sometimes it bugs me that we (myself included) are not more honored and humbled to pray.

6. I think that prayer matters. Even though there’s not a set formula to know that God will answer in the way that you want, there have been too many crazy stories of answered prayers and too many times that God has been exceedingly faithful in my own life for me to toss it out altogether. But I hate not being able to figure it out. I hate feeling vulnerable and at His mercy. I think that’s part of the point and it’s really right where I need to be, asking for mercy and grace, but it’s uncomfortable.


March 28, 2011   3 Comments

the week’s review.

Dinners this week have generally looked like this: Trader Joes frozen pizza and some spinach just because my husband begged for something green. Transitioning to the fulltime working world with an hour and a half daily commute has left me wondering, who has the time for nice, truly home-cooked meals? I’m sure once I adjust I’ll be able to balance it all better, but for this week? Not a chance. Girlfriend was tiiiiiiiiiiired.

That being said, let me offer a brief review of the first week of work:

I LOVE my new job. It is probably the first job I’ve ever had where I am NEVER checking the clock and counting down the hours until I get to leave. My days fly by. I feel so fortunate to have a job that I enjoy, that plays well to my strengths, and that I find meaningful. That’s a potent trio.

It’s like, when you go to college, and even graduate school, and have to choose a major or specific degree program, you’re oftentimes just shooting in the dark. You pick what you think you’ll like based off of what you know about yourself at the time and what you know about that specific field or job. Sometimes both of those are actually very little. And the reality of daily life at that job may be vastly different than you envisioned. My point being, you never really know if it was a good choice until you get into the field and truly try it on for size. Although it’s only been one week, I’m thrilled to report that mine fits just right.

The kids are cute (and inadvertantly hilarious), the teachers have been so warm and welcoming, and my principal is the perfect fit for me in leadership style and personality. I’m loving it. 5:30am wake-up call and all.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m still pumped for the weekend!

Happy Friday!

March 25, 2011   8 Comments