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A truly lazy day

When the view outside your apartment window looks like this…(again!),

you can betcha the view inside looks like this…(plus sweat pants and a blanket…)

A quick trip to Traders to stock up on my faves followed by hour after hour of my nose stuck in this book encapsulates my Saturday. Sure, the to-do list was tossed to the wayside, and I maybe only managed to throw on a pair of jeans for the Traders run, but for a cozy day to plow through an unexpectedly good book with tasty munchies by my side, I’ll accept my sloth status and make the trade! Working on that whole “being productive” thing with my Sunday…

How’s your weekend?

February 27, 2011   2 Comments

Simple pleasures.

Sometimes in the stress and chaos of daily life, time just kind of slips by without really being savored or fully appreciated. And while milestone events are certainly identifiable markers throughout our lives, it’s really the little things that people always remember and seem to cherish the most. So here’s to the little things that make ordinary days, extraordinary! These are my simple pleasures, the savory snippets of life that cause me to pause for a moment and say, Thank you, God. Life is good.

1. The smell of wood burning outdoors. Especially on a chilly fall night in New England. It connotes warmth, coziness, and community (Who doesn’t have awesome memories of late nights with friends & s’mores around a fire? At least for those who live in a chilly climate…). This is my absolute favorite smell.

2. Taking the stairs. I love stairs. It’s not even a well it’s the healthier option mindset where I convince myself to do it and then convince others that I genuinely like it so as not to be that obsessively health-oriented (and thereby annoying) girl. I really do just genuinely like stairs. It’s kinda weird.

3. The feel of the sun on my face. Absolute favorite feeling. It just calms me in a whole body is warm and tingly kind of way and brings back so many good memories of the endless possibilities of life outdoors and summers in Texas.

4. Falling asleep to football in the fall. Just ask my husband here. I really enjoy watching football, but I think even more so, I enjoy napping to football–the best soundtrack to usher you into that delicious sleepy state.

5. The sound of leaves rustling in the wind. It evokes a fresh sense of opportunity, excitement, and for those in New England, budding life as the seasons change. It’s, you guessed it, my absolute favorite sound…I’ve got a thing for the senses, I suppose.

6. Fruit. The diverse and magnificent array of color, the fleshy and juicy sweetness, the way it springs from the earth, the assortment of sizes and nuances of sweet flavors, all of it. I am entranced by the idea of fruit. I could just gobble up buckets of it. Too bad it gets pricey…

February 25, 2011   5 Comments

Puppy dog eyes.

Don’t worry–I’m not going to get all sappy or weirdly graphic about glances exchanged between husband and wife…

Just wanted to introduce you to the legitimate puppy dog eyes that have been greeting me every morning this week.

Say hello to Otis.

Generally speaking, I’m not really a dog person. I know, right–a girl who doesn’t love dogs? It’s like saying there’s a Nic Cage movie that doesn’t suck or a preteen who isn’t obsessed with Justin Bieber. Crazy (and atypical) but true. It’s not like I promote dog fighting or toss cats around just to test the land on all fours thing; I just don’t love animals. I see dogs and think money, responsibility, smelly breath, and hair, hair, everywhere. In that order. Oh, and I hate biting. Or nipping. Biting, nipping, it’s all the same to me.

All that to say, Jerry and I have been house/dog sitting this week and I have been very pleasantly surprised by this pooch. I now see why they say dogs are such smart little creatures, and so warm, cuddly, and loyal too. I don’t foresee myself going all dog crazy or anything, but I’ve edged closer to the pro-dog side of the animal meter and proven that I do have a smidge of the stereotypical girl dog-soft-spot.

I mean, who wouldn’t love the royal reception everytime you walk through the door? It does feel pretty good.  

February 23, 2011   11 Comments

why i’m gonna be an awesome mom: part 2.

If you thought yesterday’s post was a little out there as far as the realistic vs. fantastical ratio goes, then brace yourself because today’s is taking it to a whole new realm…

The outdoor essentials of my I’m an awesome mom daydream house, otherwise known as everything I dreamed about in a house as a kid, but never had:

Not super exciting in the grand scheme (and this dream has definitely taken to the GRAND scheme…), but you gotta have a legitimate playset. Check.

Next, you really have to have a pretty sweet pool. Key features of which include a slide, a waterfall with hidden little passage inside (kids love hidden stuff…), and a diving board. Two outta three with this one ain’t bad. And I like the aesthetic. Besides, kids are crafty–they’ll come up with their own (most likely highly unsafe) makeshift diving board.

Now for the most important aspect of childhood backyard dreams: a treehouse. There were so many tantalizing options here that I couldn’t choose just one. I feel like the ultimate treehouse needs to have a rope ladder coming up through a little trap door–that’s essential in my (repressed childhood) treehouse dream–and it needs to be more than like 8 feet off the ground…a little sense of adventure here, people. And the absolute most essential feature? A zipline, baby. Ideally I’d like the zipline to go from the bedroom window to the treehouse (a la Home Alone) and then from the treehouse to the playset passing over the pool about halfway…perfect for a well timed jump into the pool. I realize there would be all kinds of liabilities with this idea. I’d basically be having every kid (and parent!) who ever came to my house signing consent forms, but what kid wouldn’t love it?

Okay, okay maybe the drop into the pool idea isn’t the brightest and maybe even that maternal worry thing would kick in with that one…especially when the kids get a little older and more daring/stupid…how about an adult only zipline from the adult treehouse? We gotta live a little too…

Yeah, you’re right–teenagers would totally commandeer it. And who could blame them?

February 22, 2011   4 Comments