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Christmas morning…25 days early

Morning is my absolute favorite time of day, no question.  There is something renewing about a fresh day, as if with the emergence of the sunrise new and bountiful opportunities are ushered in with an eager anticipation, so invigorating and life-giving that they can redeem the worst of yesterdays. 

Most days I wake up with a palpable excitement for my day, just shy of giddiness. The whole day is before me; endless possibilities await.  Today I have been bitten pretty hard by the Christmas bug.  It’s going around, this whole Christmas euphoria thing, and I’ve got it.  I had breakfast this morning at my favorite local breakfast joint with my in-laws who are shipping out today and am now back at my apartment listening to Christmas music and getting swept up in the spirit.  It should be noted that I am doing nothing at all to resist said sweeping. Sweep away, Christmas spirit, sweep away. 

I wasn’t intending on doing anything by way of Christmas decorations in our apartment this year because, quite frankly, our apartment is certifiably TINY and I wasn’t sure much of anything would fit.  Instead I have spent my time daydreaming about how I would like to decorate the charming, character-filled old Cape Cod house that we will surely own in our glorious future. A productive use of time, cleaaaarrrrly.  And I wonder why I’m essentially unemployed. Geeeeez.


I love the classy, traditional Christmas color palette:

I love the clean, romantic look of white and gold Christmas decorations; it’s subtle and not over-bearing:

I don’t think I normally would have thought outside the traditional Christmas-colors box, but this purple and gold combo is regal and the wood accents bring a warmth (not to mention, I just love the general look of this house. Exposed wood beams, I want you; delicious rustic table, be mine. I am in a seriously unhealthy state of envy right now…):

As a result of this recent sweeping Christmas spirit, I have felt a resurgence of craftiness and have decided to undertake some DIY projects and spread a little Christmas joy in this cozy apartment of ours. Since I get impulsive with such ideas, I am prepared to throw my previous agenda for the day out the window to make room for purchasing supplies and beginning the crafting process. Probably not the wisest of decisions, but classic nonetheless. Some people (namely, ME) just don’t learn…

Here are some DIY projects that have my wheels turning:


I’ll be sure to post pictures of my finished product. Wish me luck!

What are your Christmas decorating plans or inspirations?

November 30, 2010   6 Comments

Thanksgiving thankfulness.

Some highlights of Thanksgiving weekend for which I am quite thankful:

(Confession: I didn’t pull out the handy dandy camera much so I don’t have a ton of corresponding pictures…)

Spending time in Maine.  I love this state.  I know I have ranted about it before, so I will spare you my love-inspired loquaciousness this time around…but I’m pretty sure this sign sums up the sweetness of maine and her peeps. As I generally say, only in Maine…

A husband who not only prepares the pumpkin pie (along with various other elements of the big meal), but then obliges me when I bombard him with the camera in his face while he’s trying to eat said pie (pictures omitted out of courtesy to him…), aaaaand then spearheads the clean-up-the-kitchen-after-the-pre-meal-explosion effort. He’s the best.

Games, games, games. I am a gamer. (Most of) My in-laws are gamers too. This bodes well for me.  We played a little bit of everything.  I mostly lost, but I did dominate in one game of Imaginiff. It felt good. I like winning.

GOOD FOOD.  Not too much to say here.  It’s Thanksgiving–there better be turkey and stuffing and an abundance of gravy. There was.  Mmmm.

Football victories.  It was a good football extended weekend, mostly because Ohio State demolished Michigan in their big rival game.  Even though I am a Texas football fan and let’s just say Texas and OSU fans don’t tend to play nicely together on the playground, I have learned that it’s just better for me and my marriage when OSU wins, so I secretly root for them, unless they’re playing Texas of course…Jerry always wears his Tressel sweater vest shirt for big games…not every game…in fact, most OSU games only deserve a regular OSU t-shirt, but for big games, he pulls out the big guns…

I am so thankful for the time away with family, both with my family (my mom, aunt, and uncle) and with my in-laws (though we missed getting to see Nana and Papa!).  I am also so thankful for crisp, though sunny late fall weather which is perfect for brisk walks and times of reflection.

I hope your Thanksgivings were full of good food and quality time with those you love!

November 29, 2010   5 Comments

A relaxing morning.

Enjoying a lovely (though quite windy and therefore chilly) morning walk in Maine with my mother. We came up a couple days ago for some quality mother-daughter time and were joined last night by my adorable husband (who chose not to brave the frigid elements for said walk). We are planning on a low-key afternoon of turkey day prep and thrift store shopping. Then tomorrow my in-laws and a small army of miscellaneous others will arrive to kick off the formal festivities.

Today I am so thankful for gleaming sunshine amidst the chill, reciprocated love, warm winter hats, salt and vinegar potato chips (mmmm…), and my crazy impressive immune system (knock on wood).

Safe travels and happy holidays to you all!

November 24, 2010   6 Comments

A Day of Celebration…

When I first started this blog about a month ago, there were a few days that I found myself instantly anticipating: one of those days is today! Today is my oldest brother Bryan’s birthday. Despite being over 6 years apart, Bryan and I have always had a very close relationship. I love him in a way unlike I love anyone else–he is just one of my absolute favorite people and someone with whom I share a unique bond.

(he’s the second one from the left in the above photo of me, my brothers, and my cousins)

Here are some fun facts about Bryan: 

1. He started his own internet business in 1997, the year after his freshman year of college. I was his only employee (I was 12 years old), we ran the operation out of his bedroom, and he made something like $6,000 in his first month (somehow I remember my check only being somewhere around $100 though…hmmm).

2. He LOVES basketball, particularly the Celtics, and NBA draft day is nearly a holiday for him.

3. He’s quick witted and charming when he wants to be and he’s surprisingly tender-hearted.

4. He is the brains of my family. No offense to my other family members, myself included, but Bryan is clearly the most naturally gifted and intelligent member of my family.

5. As kids, he and my brother Adam once constructed a rocket launcher from online instructions and shot it out their bedroom window. Bryan was probably about 14 at the time and Adam was around 11. Don’t worry–no one was injured.  It just whizzed around for a while and then fell, though their bedroom, I hear, was filled with smoke from the launch.

6. He hates having his picture taken because he thinks it’s offensive to watch us all just “get older, fatter, and balder” through the picture progression…hence the lack of pictures in this post.

7. He is one of the few people I can always go to when I need to debrief or process family dynamics–he always listens and pretty much always understands where I’m coming from.

8. He was my number one fan throughout my middle school and high school years playing basketball. He came to almost all my games and then thoroughly debriefed them with me afterwards.

9. He has a reputation for attempting to start some new trends, such as using your pinky finger instead of your index finger to point to something (yes, it looked as ridiculous as it sounds).  They are always complete failures, but the process is quite amusing.

10. He is almost entirely responsible for everything related to this blog, except for the content of the posts, of course.  He saved me dozens of hours by setting it up for me and altering the code when I wanted the layout to look differently from the pre-determined configuration (THANK YOU, Bry!). He is also my number one reader.

I love you Bry and am SO thankful to call you my brother (he’s the one on the left).


November 23, 2010   9 Comments