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114 steps to joy

Sounds like the title to quite the all-encompassing self-help book, doesn’t it? Appropriately daunting as all good self-help books should be.

But really, it’s the short path to one of my greatest simple pleasures.

I’ve written about simple pleasures before. They are the little bright spots in my day–free, unassuming, simple in the truest, purest form of the word.

Today I walked 114 steps from my front door to the local library.

I am simply obsessed with our library. As much as I love to own and mark-up books, I think I love even more the fact that I can glean hours upon hours of FREE entertainment by simply checking books out of the library.

I don’t remember going to the library much as a kid. My mom promises that she took me all the time, which I’m sure was true in the younger years, but as a middle schooler, high schooler, and even college student, I don’t remember really taking advantage of the local library. I might have gone there occasionally to study, but I never checked books out. I just bought the books that I wanted. It never would have dawned on me to just go to the library.

The library felt old-school. And Amazon was new school. Maybe Barnes for a while too, but then Amazon just came and karate chopped it downed to size with its sweet, convenient online deals.

Amazon was definitely the cool new kid; Barnes was like the somewhat cool kid who lost his status, but tried to jazz up his game so he could still hang around the cool crowd; the library was just the total social outcast, just one tier below Borders. That was the hierarchy in my mind at least.

Anyway, the point being I never used the library. And now maybe my social loyalties have shifted or something because the library is the coolest cat in town in my opinion. Free entertainment 114 steps away. Pure joy.

That as well as a trip to Traders (another massive simple pleasure!) and a beverage sipped from my favorite reunion 2012 mason jar makes for three simple pleasures in one day! What a way to round out this fabulous summer vacation.


Next week it’s back to school.

Did I mention that I have a permanent position now? Because I do. And it feels amazing.

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1 Whit { 08.21.12 at 4:29 pm }

What a perfect way to relax before school starts up. Yeah, we didn’t get that memo, we’re cleaning, spackling and boxing. Here’s hoping next Monday- d day aka Wednesday will look something like the above description.
Ps. I’ve made the switch to all reunion glasses in DC, daily reminder of the fun and friends!

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