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Charlie boy. Month 5.

Our little tyke just turned 5 months old and as such it’s high time for a update on his little life.


This kiddo has brought inexplicable joy to our lives. Every parent says it and it really is true. We couldn’t imagine our lives without him.




Charlie is seriously a super chill baby. I feel badly even saying this because I know it is not a dominant characteristic of many babies (or so it seems), but this kid just loves sleep. He started sleeping through the night at 2 months and now he’s unbelievable. Most of the time he puts himself to sleep sucking on 2-3 fingers and if he wakes up in the middle of the night, I’ll hear him kicking around in his bed and maybe babbling, but then he’ll find his fingers again and drift back to sleep. Somehow he got the memo that if it’s dark, it’s time to sleep. I can’t overemphasize how much I love this about him! He loves his naps and his full night of sleep which makes for two very happy, well rested parents! We often comment about how we will get blasted with our second child because this one has been such a dream. I am secretly hoping that our genes just make chill babies though!




Charlie loves his space. He likes being held and will sometimes cry if he wants to be held, but even more so he prefers his own space. He will start crying if he’s been passed around and held too much, but if you just put him down, he’s back to being happy as a clam. Oftentimes in the mornings after he eats, we just lay him down on the floor with some little toys and he’ll entertain himself for an hour or two.




Charlie is a ponderer. Similar to not loving being held all the time, he clearly likes being around the action, but not in the middle of it. He just wants to sit on the sidelines and take it in. This is one of his clearest traits and has been since he was an itty bitty baby.




Charlie is a rational little being (or so we tell ourselves) and a good communicator. There is always a reason for his behavior. It’s like clockwork–very predictable. He’s never been a cry-for-the-sake-of-crying kid. He’s hungry, tired, gassy, sick of being held, or wants to be held. That’s about it. He doesn’t even usually fuss when his diaper’s dirty.




Charlie has a huge head. And a mohawk. And very huge, beautiful blue eyes. By way of physical characteristics, these are the three stand outs. His head is so huge that he had an ultrasound to make sure there weren’t any problems. Turns out the dude’s just got a massive dome. He’s always been in the 90th percentiles for height and weight, but his head is off the charts. He’s our real life bobble head!




Charlie wakes up happy. He just babbles and chills in his bed content by himself for quite a while until we go get him. I watched him on the monitor once and he just played by himself for an hour and a half before indicating that he wanted to get out. Seriously chill. And loves his space. Like his daddy.




Charlie has two trade marks: shields up and the thumb tuck. When he was younger, if you picked him up or if you gave him his paci, he would immediately pull his fists to the sides of his head, a motion which earned the title “shields up!” Sadly he doesn’t really do this much anymore, but it’s a sweet memory for us. His longest lasting and most pervasive trademark is the thumb tuck. Since he was first born, he has always tucked his thumb in between his index and middle fingers. We assume he did this in the womb because he does it all the time, especially when he’s eating and sleeping, and he does it on both hands.




We love this little guy like crazy. Being parents is seriously the best!

December 31, 2013   3 Comments

the house. part one of many.

A little story about a house…

Jerry and I started the official house hunting process in February of this year. I had been looking informally online for probably about a year before that without any intention, just curiosity and an enjoyment in real estate.

But come February we both felt we should legitimately start the search. We had saved a good chunk of money for a down payment, interest rates were obviously still crazy low, and we would be having a baby come July…
so the time felt right.

I wanted something cute and old with New England character that we could fix up and really make ours.
Jerry wanted something turn-key which would require zero work…and the newer, the better for him.
So this was an interesting starting point.

To make a long story short(ish) we put in offers on three different properties and in the end came away with hands down the best home for us. It’s a 1949 cape (classic New England!) which requires a lot of work,
but also has tons of potential.

I was VERY picky (borderline snobby) about the location and style of home I wanted. Our realtor actually found this house by walking around the neighborhood we wanted and asking people if they knew anyone interested in selling. So this house was never listed on the market. The original owners passed away a few years ago and their three sons inherited the property. One son was pseudo living there but really hadn’t touched ANYTHING since the parents died…so there was lots of STUFF everywhere–girlfriend liked to collect things (wind chimes, baskets, bird memorabilia, you name it, she owned it). There were also mismatched shag rugs in every room, a fully (floor to ceiling) pink tiled bathroom, and a dishwasher from the 70s among many other relics from another era. It was definitely a little overwhelming the first time we walked through (a giant understatement for Jerome who was silent and white as a ghost) and required some vision to see the potential, but I just knew this was the place for us.

As we went throughout the house search Jerry and I both realized that given the expensive real estate market where we live, we either needed to buy a multi-family or a fixer upper single family. Although Jerry initially really did not want a fixer upper, he REALLY didn’t want a multi-family…and (surprisingly) as we looked at houses, he started swaying away from the cookie cutter turn key homes anyway. So while this is certainly more of what I had in mind, I consider it a victory for both of us.

Our house is currently a 3 bed, 1 bath with an attached 2 car garage (very rare with these old homes here) and a screened in breezeway. With two unfinished rooms–one as a loft space above the garage and another as an additional bedroom on the second floor–there is definitely room for expansion down the road.

The renovation process has certainly had its ups and downs (and has taken far longer than I anticipated), but we are making progress and are increasingly excited to see the finished product come to life.

Here are some lovely before pictures to give you a sense of what we’re working with…

The screened in porch looking out at the backyard.

The screened in porch looking out at the driveway

The living room.

The other side of the living room facing the front door.

One of the downstairs bedrooms.

The other downstairs bedroom.

Yep, our hands are full…

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announcing the littlest logan…(finally)

so here’s what’s up:

1. We had a baby.

2. We bought a house.

3. It requires a lot of work.

4. “It” being the house, though of course, yes, the baby requires work too.

so yeah, lots of updates, lots of fun, exciting things happening.

I’ll get to everything in time, but for now, meet my boy:

Charlie Mark Logan, born July 26, 2013 at 9:56am and weighing in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces, 21 inches long.

 This little peanut is quite simply, so much better and cooler than either of us could have imagined. He is a ponderer, just taking in the world around him. He likes to be around the action, but not necessarily in the middle of it. He’s a periphery kid. Little Charlie eats and sleeps like a champ (and has from day 1…yes, we are well aware that we are QUITE lucky), enjoys time by himself–the dude does not like to be held all the time–and LOVES his paci.
He is super sweet and super chill, both of which I am supremely grateful for.
We just love him to pieces.

Lots more coming on this little guy as well as the house updates and renovations!!

It’s a busy, but beautifully full new season around here.

October 4, 2013   6 Comments

Countdown to Lil’G: Weeks 25-30

Well, somewhere along the way I got wayyyy behind with these little buggers…
so here goes an attempt at rapid catch-up…

weeks27&28: vacation weeks

Oh, parenting.
You terrify me; you excite me.
So many opinions and philosophies and books and unending, often unrequested advice.

Even in these past few months as I think about kids and parenting and what I want for my little guy and my family in general, I’ve felt myself mellow (Jerome sings a song of praise and breaths a deep sigh of relief, I’m sure). I’m not all wound up classic American style (anymore) with wanting my kid to do everything, play everything, know everything–to basically be the best and the smartest and the most talented and every other superlative out there.
I really have mellowed.

When I think about parenting, I really just want to:

+ model the characteristics both individually and through our marriage that we want our kids to embody

+ be consistent with our rules, expectations, and consequences

+ actively create an atmosphere where dialogue is open and no topics are considered taboo

+ establish from day 1 that our kids are a part of our family, not the center of our family

+ be patient, forgiving, and always willing to teach and listen

Sounds easy enough, right?

And to all you parents out there, I know I’m in for a rude awakening in that these will be far more challenging to carry out in practice than in theory, but at least I’m coming in with some attempted direction, an aim line to shoot for…

Maybe I should add:
be flexible and have a sense of humor when my well laid plans are shot to pieces…

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